Candy Crush Jelly Saga — Juicy cheats, tips and tricks

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Candy Crush Jelly Saga is the next chapter in Saga series from As in previous games you need to match three items of the same color. But in the new game there are also original features (for example, competitions with the evil Jelly Queen). Read our tips and tricks for Candy Crush Jelly Saga!

Like in previous Saga games you have five lives, and if you lose, then you lose one life (heart). When this happens, you have to wait half an hour for a life to be restored. It takes two and a half hours to restore all lives. It's quite a long time if you want to play. But there is a solution! You can go to the settings of your gaming device (smartphone or tablet) and set the time ahead! When you get back the game again, you'll see that all your lives are fully restored!

There is also another way to get free lives in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. You can get them by asking your Facebook friends which are also playing the game.

The goal of the game is to get a set of three elements of the same color. But if you collect more you get nice boosters. Four elements in a row will clear the entire line of the board. Four elements that form a square will give you a fish candy. Five elements will destroy all elements of that color on the board. Five elements in an L-shape will give you bomb candy. Try to save up these special candies for those levels when you'll really need them. Most often this will occur at the levels where you fight with the Queen.

Like in other "match-three" games the most effective strategy is to clear the candies that are located at the bottom of the screen.

Do not waste unnecessarily gold bars! When you start the game you have fifty gold bars that can be spent on boosters and continues. Do not waste bars by buying the continues! It is much more effective to invest in boosters! If you lose, the more often is better to start the level again than spend such precious bars.

If the board seems to be to simple, this should lead you to suspect. On some levels you need to play several boards, so do not waste your moves for nothing! You can see how many boards you need to play during the loading of a level. You can also understand your progress with the circular counter at the top of the screen.


I like this game but I think on some of the levels that you have to battle the Jelly Queen the game knows what to give you next. When you need special moves it might give you one, but when she needs some it will give her 2 or 3 back to back. And when you have a good move coming up it's like the game will find a way to mess it up for you.

I like this game but I want gold bars to complete all levels!

I'm stuck on board 40 and can't unlock it

Need help with more lives

Carl takes my orange pieces wherever there is a match BS!! Stuck !!

These damn moshlings are so very hard, been stuck for weeks! Anyone got any tips?

Be dependent on predicted moves by system

I'm on level 114 and I have not received any gold bars or boosters. Why?

How can we solve level 45.....
I have been trying for weeks...

Use a rooted android.
Then install lucky patcher.
Install xposed installer.update framework and reboot.
Enable module of lucky patcher and reboot again.
Thats all.
Now you can buy anything online inapp.
Best for candy crush lovers.

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