Vikings: War of Clans - Tips, tricks and cheats recommended by Loki & Odin

Vikings: War of Clans

If you've already played and loved Total Domination from Plarium then you should take a look at Vikings: War of Clans from the same company. Like in other MMO games you have to build your kingdom, fight with other gamers and lead your people to the wealth and prosperity. Read our tricks and tips for Vikings: War of Clans that will help you to progress in this game!

There are a lot of quests in Vikings: War of Clans. Completing these quests will allow you to earn a lot of gold, resources and experience. Play the quests but don't collect completion reward. The point is that after collecting it other gamers can pick your hardly earned reward out. Until you claim the prize it will be in safe and sound.

Try to build as more buildings as you can and fearlessly use five minute acceleration that allows you not to wait until construction is completed. Thanks to button "Go to" you can understand which buildings you can upgrade in this moment (ie, you have all required resources). Build and upgrade until you have resources!

Before you start a battle try to find kingdoms left by their owners. You can spy on them, and if in a kingdom there are no troops but you see plenty of resources it means that this object is yours! Try to attack them frequently as these kingdoms are excellent source of silver, iron, food, wood and stone.

Farms are very important as they are main source of food for your troops, without food your army can't exist. So build as more farms as you can and upgrade them ASAP. If you'd like accumulate provisions then send you troops out on a long mission as during the journey soldiers don't waste food from home storage.

Gaining influence fast (submitted by <Nemesis>): I am a level 23 with a level 53 hero. Besides using gold the fastest way that I have found to gain influence is to have your heroes skills maxed out on training 1, 2 and 3. I have 12 manors all at 21 or higher. During troop training events I train tier 4 and 5 troops because there is an additional 10% bonus during this event. I also wear invader training armour and train very fast. During non troop training events I train tier 1, 2 and 3 troops. I gain up to 5 million influence a week this way.


Help me to become the strongest one in the game!

I need unlimited gold

One of the best games I've played!

You aren't given that option. How do you move past without claiming.

This Game is a very SLOW GRIND intended to farm your credit cards. Once a couple of Credit Card Kings join the game, and they will, they spend all their time and effort in keeping all others beneath them. Silver is not stored in the vault so you will not accumulate silver needed to build armor, and other items, share such resources with your clan mates since they will be taken by vikings. The length of time it takes to upgrade is on a very steep incline taking weeks to go from level11 palace to level 12, unless you spend money. From level 12 to level 13 months, etc. Level 21 palaces, owned by a king with 20 million influence, are unstoppable. There is only one way to match them. Pay more money.

Well actually vault lvl21 stores 1 million silvers like any other rss. And I've been playing for a while and each month I only spend $20 on the game but I'm a really good player in our kingdom, not the best but still. Depends if you have a good clan and everybody help other clan mates to build up.

ONLY $20!!! Most kids aren't allowed to use money at all!!!

Thats wrong my friend! Just join an active clan so you can get all those time boosters when the clan passes the check points, store your boosters and one there's -10% learning and building time and +10% time boosters, use all what you stored.
I am playing for 2 days and my hero is lev30 and all my buildings are lev13 and my palace is being upgraded to lev14.

You need to build manors for silver capacity and silver production.

Unless tied to Facebook, it is easy for you to lose an account and be forced to start over. This is very frustrating.

You can save on Google Play

To make army large and powerful I hide my troops under the shield of my clansmen. So nobody can hit me while I'm offline.

Thank you for the trick!

How to do that?

Reinforce a clansmen who has a long shield that they wont bust early (meaning they relocate or battle someone prematurely, before their shield time is up).

Please somebody tell me your trick to hit everyone in this game! :)))

I want to delete my city and start over... How can I do this?

It's impossible, you need a new device with Vikings: War of Clans to do this.

Create a new user

You need to wipe out your phone/tablet.

Hey, how to landmark my town, so that my clansmen can see it?

Hey! You can send him coo's of your town in private message, but you should be in the same kingdom.

I play Vikings: War of Clans every chance I get and am a Chief of a Clan. The reason our clan stands strong is rules, people. If you do not have rules in you clan then move on to another clan as rules is what keeps order from your members attacking high influence clans and in turn making powerful enemies in the game. Next tips is ALWAYS send RSS above the vault limit to a shielded player as you can get them back at a small cost but will not loose the lot. Same goes for troops. Next tip for Vikings: War of Clans, if you are not prepared to spend money on the game best to nest up with a clan with less than 2m influence as they are no threat and will more often not be attacked by the top 20 clans. Top game, love it to bits and my members are like a family which is what also helps. We have very strict rules and can result in a expel for the better of the clan.

Peace to all, GANNON

I am looking for the definitive answer to this question. If I send my troops to a person that is shielded, do my troops eat their food while there?

Yes, mate, they sure do. Though for example if you have troops on a march and on rss hunts they do not use food, so if you are getting low send all your troops on rss hunts. The more often you have them on hunts the less food they consume of your total in the town.


I have run trials on this, and reinforcements do not consume the host's food. They continue to eat food from their home base...

Wrong on food consumption. I was 6 mill under in food consumption I sent every troop I had into the pop. My food consumption still stayed in the red. Even though I have 4 level 21 farms still. The number didn't move at all.

No they don't eat that persons food they still eat your food. All the info above is incorrect.

What happens if u r out of food?
Upgrades slowed?
How can we get energy packs without buying?
I am level 25 now, spent hell of money on killing invaders lvl 6..lynx+ saracen... Yet didn't get the legendary... Why?

I wouldn't worry about it. I have my clan "hyper farm", where one player has 22 lumber sites, one has 22 iron sites, one 22 food, etc. Then create a bank to stay shielded and send all rss to the banks b4 capacity is reached. I've been in the red on food for 8 months. It doesn't hurt your troops. I have 3 mil t4 and t5 so it would be impossible to feed them as I'm something like 12 mil or more in the red on food.

Your troops only consume food produced in your castle, they don't consume food of the player whose mead hall you park them at.

This is all bs, dude. Troops consume the same amount of your food no matter where they are. On March and reinforcing included. They do not consume your clans food, only yours. And this myth about them not consuming while marching is bs also. Gannon, get facts before typing ***. -Bones
P.S. I've been playing for 18 months, I'm in kingdom 4. Ask anyone from k4, they know Bones.

If you run out of food, what happens? (I'm looking for fact, not guesswork)

If you run out of food all your troops die mate.

If food runs out your troops do not die. When you become "bigger" 10m or more influence and have large numbers of troops 300k or more, you cannot produce enough food without using crafts and large farms. That is pointless. Whenever you are ready to train more troops, just ask someone in your clan for the food you need.

If you run out of food nothing will happen to your troops. You just can't train new ones and build something

If you run out of food nothing happens, no men die, except you need food to do improvements, builds and knowledge.

Nothing - your troops don't die - you will need food for upgrades though

Nothing happens bud. You just need to ask for food when upgrading . Your troops will be fine. And these tips about sending troops out for long marches is nonsense. Trust me, nothing will happen if food runs out.

Nothing happens to your troops if you run out. In fact, I never try to keep it from running out. I keep my rss in my items until I need them for building, knowledge, training, and such. If I have surplus I send it to the clan before I sign off. My hungry troops can drink ale until I get back.

If I change clans do I lose loyality points?

No, you keep your LP's my friend.

How do you change servers after being level 6?

You cannot change servers, you can only stay in your same kingdom, so choose your kingdom carefully and before you get to level 6.

My men get in trouble like all do but to buy from the store of course they need loyalty points. How do they gain loyalty points in Vikings: War of Clans really really fast?

The only fast way is to claim on you clan task refreshers as you get loyalty points for each task completed. My hero is lv 50 now and that because I used ALL my loyalty points to gain hero experience, also if you get a legendary ( yellow ) clan task it gives you 220k experience points for your hero and also 10k loyalty points so you can go back to the store and buy another one, my record was 5 times in a row I got the legendary task which equates to 1.1m hero experience. :)


Gannon, you are the best! :)

Hi Guy's, just want to advise that I am just a user like anyone else on here (not a moderator) but have vast knowledge in the game so if you have any questions at all feel free to ask as I can be on a few times a day to answer any requests you may have.
Good little site also mods basic and to the point. :)


Hi, I see here all say when you send your troops on a march or in RSS location they don't use your food.. But that's not correct.. My was in red and when I send them on a long march or in a RSS location they still was eating my food..

Hi Gannon,
What would you say are the best troops to train? Im focusing on melee because they have higher attack stats and what type of equipment is good for learning knowledge?

Hi Deb,

There can be many reasons for troops training but I will advise the obvious ones for you so not to confuse.
Tier 1 - Tier 1 troops are best for Rss hunting as they don't cost to much to revive and also to re-train my whole clan only Rss hunt with Tier 1 troops
Tier 2 - Tier 2 troops are good for attacking non clan players on the map as they are strong enough for attacking inactive members , this also applies for Tier 1 troops.
Tier 3 , 4 - Now these guys are for all out war and battle so if you are in it to attack clans and be a target for retaliation from clans these guys are your best bet indeed.
As for Knowledge train up all your troops stats be it melee , ranged etc., as it could make all the difference when you are attacked of if you are attacking so be sure to focus on troop strength via knowledge.

I currently have 670k troops with the average for my tier 1 is about 30k each and tier 2 and 3 average about 50k of each and I am working on tier 4 troops but only have about 10k of each.

Hope this helps you Deb and if you have any more questions please do ask.

What are tiers?

Thank you very much for the reply, I lost the link to this page and have only just found it again lol
Those are great tips, thank you!
I am working on training more t1 for rss but still need more and end up sending out my others as well, being tile hit is not fun when you lose your stronger troops. Lesson learnt.

Don't listen to the rest of the noobs here. Train only 1 type of troop. Doesn't matter which one just pick your favourite. Only train t1 unless you unlock t3. You should train 10-1 t1 to t3 until you unlock t4. Then train 10-1 t1 to t4. Don't waste your time training t2, they're useless. When attacking you should send 10-1 t1 troops to t3 or t4. The t1 will eat the brunt of the attack and leave your t3 and t4 basically unharmed. When doing your hero skills, spend the minimum points on every other troop besides the troop you're focusing on. Max out that troops stats. Also max out defence and health. If you can skip around other troops and not have to spend skill points on them then do it. Don't move down the skill tree until you max out all your troop stats as well as defensive and health stats.

The biggest mistake people make is training several different types of troops. When you do that then you also make it harder on yourself to max out your skills for each troop as well as defence and health.

I have a total of 13 accounts and I hit people with 10mil more inf than me for a 20-1 loss. Inf means nothing unless you know what to do with it. If anyone tells you to train more than one type of troop they're noobs. Plain and simple. Those are the people I hit 50-1 with only t1s.

You mention having 13 accounts, do you have 13 devices or how are you running multiple accounts on one device?

I have troops in the shrine of Odin but don't know how to get them out without dismissing them. Don't I lose them if I do? Thanks!

The troops you can look at in your shrine are your troops and all you can do is look at them, the mead hall can also hold troops from another player (reinforcements), you can dismiss those troops but it would be wise to talk to the clan mate they belong to before doing so

Thanks for your time Gannon, is there something specific I can do to make my army more defence capable while I'm away and my shield times out?
Just happened and most of my troops wiped out in no time flat. I'm lvl 15 and attacker was lvl 20.

Always sit in defense gear with skills set for defense, while off line. If for some reason your shield goes down, any attacker will have a harder time. Possibly even be defeated. Play smart, don't throw your hard work away.

How do you do this? Is this in the Hero's skill set? My hero is only level 21 and there are no Defense skills or gear available to me yet...

Any thoughts or hints on how to do this ?

Yeah, upgrade knowledge and troops, its the fastest way, except gold

What is a tile hit and why are they bad?

Tile hits are when you are yielding outside your town on a farm, stone quarry iron mine silver mine or lumberjack shed and someone attacks you on it, they are called tiles so it is a tile hit

Hi! Are there any bugs or tricks to attack or defend? As I'm higher than 2 players and they keep killing me! My stats are better.

Hi Team, So the Vikings: War of Clans tip of the day.
When kill events are on be aware that when your troops are Rss hunting and are nested at a Rss tile they can be targeted for attacks from other clans members so just be sure that you only Rss hunt tiles that are quick like level 1 tiles as you can be in and out in no time. Another tip is when you Rss hunt with your hero it almost cuts the time by 1 third so be sure if you are Rss hunting large Rss tiles that you send the hero with the troops to Rss hunt the tile much quicker, if I am hunting gold I always send my hero with troops as we all know how long it takes for a gold Rss hunt to finish.


Whats the max number of people that can join an onslaught?

That depends on two Buildings:

Shrine of Odin for the number of troops you yourself can send in a march at any one time and,

The current level of your War Bloc. The War Bloc determines how many of your Clan can assist with an attack.

Please note to upgrade the War Bloc, you will need to purchase 'Warriors Draft' from the Clan Store.

So can you use onslaught to protect your troops from attacks like rallying them for 8 hours?
Plus also the people joining the onslaught are they only joining onslaught and not reinforcing your palace?

As I understand it, all your clans Onslaught Troops in your town will act as Reinforcements should you get hit. We used it successfully as an ambush once.

And to add to this, I've found its cheaper to just upgrade the war bloc with gold. Through lev 21 anyway. For those not able to spend on the game, Plarium has made it much easier now. If you can wait long enough the cost for a gold package will drop to $2 and you can packs that have all the gold and bonuses normally in a $100 pack for $2 or $5 . It'll take a couple or few weeks to drop down again if you buy $5

I have had to start a new game after changing phones. The new game doesn't allow me to make purchases (boots me out of the game). Do you know whether I will lose my progress if I try uninstalling then reinstalling the game? Don't really want to begin again for a third time!

If its not linked to Facebook you will lose your progress.

Gday guy's, I'm not discussing troop builds, tactics or classes. Just wanted to say if you build, (and upgrade), as many Manors as Infirmaries and less Barracks, you will vastly increase your Troop Training times. Naturally this means you can quickly get superior numbers over a rival.

As for Infirmaries, keep their healing slots as close to your troop numbers as is possible. There's nothing worse than being hit and finding you can only heal say, 10 000 of your 15 00 troops.

Thanks for the tip!

There's two different setups regarding manors/infirms.
1. Many infirms to heal as many warriors as possible.
2. As many manors as possible.

I have 2 Barracks, none infirms and rest manors, this give me the possibility to train 5000 T4 troops in 1.5 days or 5000 T1 in about 5hrs... Compared to those with many I train T4 faster than they train T3 giving me the possibility to train about 100k of T4 per month without gold.
I'm currently at 1mil of T4 and growing.

To sum it all up, I would never suggest anyone to have a lot of infirms, train fast and learn to keep safe instead. If your troops keep dying bcs you fail to keep them safe you will never make it in this game anyway.
/elder, global top clan

How to keeps troops safely? With shield?

I am wondering how resource locations in the kingdom are replenished and at what levels. For instance, some places on the map contain Level 5 or 6 farms, iron deposits, etc., while other places only have Level 1 resources.

My question is, if I keep depleting the level 1 resource locations FULLY, will Level 2 resource locations begin to pop up? Or will I always be surrounded by Level 1s?

There will always be any level of Resource tiles on the map at any one time. Scroll around your map to find them, Higher level tiles not only mean more resources in them, but also faster gathering speeds. Before you use your Port ability, look around the map for both better Resource tiles and your level of Invader.

It may take awhile to scout, but it's worth it when you do find an area of plenty. Mark the spot. (I save my spots as "New Place"}.

Also, if you have the Loyalty Points to spend in the store, it is worth changing your Heros' skills to suit the task you ask of Him/Her. For example: If you are Shielding for 3 days, change Hero's skills the the right hand column of skills. These are all geared to more efficient resource gathering. If your feeling aggressive, use the left hand column. These are battle skills.

Lol sorry Carl the Jarl, I didn't answer your question. I got carried away. No. Once you deplete a Resource Tile, it's gone forever.

So you will need to find a new area to farm. That said, I don't know how true it is, but I have been told that Gold Resource Tiles do replenish... Of that I'm not 100% sure.


Resource tiles do re spawn. The more you farm the faster they will come back

Hi Carl , from my understanding the closest to the palace of power the higher the Rss tile level , so if you are on the edge of the kingdom you will only see level 1 tiles.


Hi all,
please note that the higher level rss tile the shorter time it takes to farm them. Level 5&6 tiles are very fast to farm. Also send your hero with troops as hero gives farming bonuses.

Is there a way, without spending $, to boost knowledge?
I have one that is 6 weeks long.

Hi John, the only other way mate is to use boosts but you will have to have a heck load of them to even put a dint in the 6 week wait. In short gold is the best way or you may have to just wait this one out buddy.


Apart from boosts you can speed up knowledge by building hero's gear that has a learning bonus.

The falcons crest amulet increases learning speed. I would craft 2 of them asap.

Hi All , so in my clan we have very strict rules and sound entry rules are a must before letting a new member join , the following is rules which I advise via PM to any potential members and if these rules are not agreed on then no entry,
1. Name change , town name change - this is vital so that the player cant be tracked visually from the clan they left or from Jarls whom dislike this member.
2. Relocate - this is also an important one for 2 reasons 1 , if they are serious about joining your clan they will use up a relocate to spawn to an area of your choice 2 , they need to be close to your members so they can send troops and RSS to the clan bank easily.
3. No common chat - this is my clans #1 rule as you all may see common chat brings unwanted attention to you clan and also many wars have started in common chat due to people voicing opinions and disagreeing , any of my members that have been on common chat and know they have been will be expelled from the clan.
4. Clan chat - in my clan all my members are on clan chat why you ask? as it is a hub for building bonds with your members and also makes it much easier to weed out spies you may have as you will find most spies will not clan chat and if they do its even easier to know they are a spy with what they are saying in clan chat.

Ok so there is my tip for the day guys I hope that you can all use these tips to better your clan and to stay and grow strong.


Gannon, you are master!) I will be online here to see more your tips

Let me correct you because Gannon is THE master! :)

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your kind words , I was a beginner in this game only 2 months ago and what I could not find was people to help me in my clans growth so I see it fair that I will help anyway I can so others may not have the same struggle that I had to go through. :) BTW I am now 23m Influence and my clan now sits at a respectable 125m total influence so we are certainly trying.

Thanks again guys you are all awesome!!


Are you accepting new members at this time?

HI Mark,

What Kingdom are you in mate? Also if you are not in the same kingdom you will have to be under lv5 town so you can jump. We do have a 250k influence join rule but I can make exceptions if you are going to grow quickly.


Hi Gannon,

I have a couple of queries, and appreciate how you hep others here!
- if your troops are at a shield, can you be attacked?
- if my food is 0 and I am unable to train more troops/build/upgrade, what are my options:
--- I cant build anymore farms, am at level 14. How can I build more of them?
--- do I have to kill them if I wanna build/upgrade knowledge?
--- is there anything else I can do to get more food... I farm for food, have great greed setup etc.

There is one thing about the name change. If someone has that member in there contact list it will show their new name and their new location.

Hello guys, I have seen a lot of the players have this food problem when they are training and training but didn't pay attention to their food production.. And at some point your army eats more food than you produce.. I had that problem and I found several solutions about it..
1. Build as much farms as you can and upgrade them( In the beginning I had 6 farms which wasn't enough and had to demolish some of my other rss building now I have 13 farms, and I am good for now) .
2. Make sure to upgrade when its possible your food production knowledge and your hero's food production with points.. Max it
3. Make some equipment guys.. Some equipments have really high percentages of food production which will help you( BTW don't make all your equipments for food production, maybe 1,2 its enough)..
4.Items.. There is item which increase your food production with 50%.. It costs only 1000 points in the clan store for 24hours or 5000 points for 7days..
5.Vip status .. VIP status gives you a lot of bonuses which includes increasing the all RSS(resources) production with % depend on your VIP level.. So my advise stay every day active win vip points and gold.. Spend your gold only to extend your VIP status and level up..
6. Enjoy my tips guys and let's grow our army now :)

Thanks you for solving my food production problem, I can produce 50% Extra now.

Food is the one resource that is way overrated. You will never be able to produce enough food to support a real army. Unless you are going to be a bank and not carry many troops, you should only have 1 of each of your resource farms in your town and then max out on 1 type of resource. No sense placing points into too many types as you only get so many points. Then you send all your excess to the bank and they can send what you need of everything else. Food is also super easy to get as there are many "dead" towns you can harvest quite quickly.

How do you change your hero skills using the second chance?

After you have purchased Second Chance from the Store New, just click apply and go to your Hero.

When you use a second chance it resets all the hero skill and invaders points. Then you can distribute the points in anyway you want. If you are bubble its best to work all the points on rss production and consider being a bank and troop holder for your clan. Hope this info helps mate.

Is it possible to gift someone else a gold package?

Sorry mate there is no way to gift boosters or gold to clan members.

I'm afraid not Earthendar... Be nice if you could though

Not sure I understand your comment Sir Yobbo.?

Hi All,

So I have a tip which could mean all the difference if your clan survives a war if war comes knocking.
I assume most are aware of having a bank in your clan which is a member that stays shielded and all members send excess Rss to this bank member.
A big reason why banking Rss is so important is because if you are targeted for war you will find that enemies will target your members while Rss hunting and try to 1. Take out your troops , 2. Restrict your Rss collection. If war does come to you you can always be sure if you have a bank that all your members can still be provided Rss from the bank without running risk of loosing troops while the enemy is on the attack.
Since starting to become a big clan we have always had a big bank and its vital that all members provide excess Rss to the bank for safe keeping.

Hope this helps guys , any questions im here to help.


Is there a limit to the amount of resources a bank town can hold?

Hi All,

So I thought I would bring up a topic in which may help you think twice before attacking an enemy.
Ok, so you may have a target in mind for an attack and you check his stats and see that he has only created 100k troops and you think wow I have 200k troops this should be easy right?? Wrong, I'm sure most know about reinforcements being sent to members for protection but also they can be sent to well be reinforcements for the town of the selected member and let's say you attacked thinking that your 200k troops are gonna kick his butt but after checking battle reports you find that he had 900k troops nested in his town and you lost all your troops.
You will find that many clans will do this, they will have non bubbled members which are a reasonable lv and good influence and the reason they do this is so that you think oh cool I am stronger and will defeat this guy though it's a reason for clans to give revenge attacks to clans saying you hit my guy even if you lost.
So guys I hope this information will help you all think twice about attacking members in the future for yours and your members safety.


Gannon, it appears that the rss sent to chief for stronghold construction is vulnerable to attack and plunder. Is this correct? Can the chief put rss destined for stronghold construction in a safe place?

Hi All,

So on the weekend I had baited a member of a clan to get the chief out and attack me which worked a charm as he lost 2m influence and 160k troops. Ok so this guy was 32m influence and I am just under 25m influence and you would think how did I win the battle? well I now have been concentrating on my defence and offence of all my troops and without this it would of been a much different outcome , also the fact that I was baiting this chief to receive an attack so I used my increased defence and offence boosters which he obviously did not do
The morale of this is make sure that you all increase all troops defence and offence stats in knowledge upgrades guys as it makes a huge difference. oh btw I lost 440k influence and 120k troops but all were tier1 and tier2 troops but I brought them all back in a second. :)


Nice Gannon.. Congratz for the big victory lol.. I am playing from about 3weeks and I am 5m inf and I can say that I have very good knowledge about the game.. But I want to ask you something I am wondering for.. I see the strongest players in my server are focused on 1 or 2 types of troops and make them strongest than the other troops.. This method seems to be working as I use it also but you said we have to make the upgrades to all our troops equal.. Well my question is.. What is better to make all types of troops equal strong or focused first on 1 or 2 specific types of troops and make them stronger than the others.. Thank you

Hi VelKoz,

The reason I personally apply all troops in my town is because I use only tier 1 troops for rss hunts while tier 2 troops I use to attack semi stronger players and tier 3 and 4 troops I use for direct attacks on bigger guys. I find that if you concentrate on one type of tier you loose the values of other troops in which you could of had ready for the above mentioned. Also not to forget that influence is applied for troops builds depending on the tier type.
I have to run but please ask more questions brother and I will answer them for you soon.


I have this question as well. I'm not asking which tier to spend knowledge on but which type of troops work together well, ie ranged&melee or another combo. Thnx.

Hi All,

Well we all know now that kingdom wars will be starting with the new update and while there is enough information to know how this is going to work it seems that it has a lot of people worried. I believe that for small clans looking to grow will find this very hard on them and more so if they do not spend money on the game for shields etc.,
My advise is when the kingdom war events start it be best to have a 3 day shield up if you are not looking for war but by all means war on if that is your thing , I most certainly will be giving this a good go but with caution a priority.

Just thought I would bring this one up guys and now with the kingdom wars on us I think I may visit your kingdoms at one time or another so let me know what clan you are in so I don't hit you lol. :)


Hey Gannon, please don't trash The Shunned in Norovayder. We already have enough guys with 10 million plus more influence than us hitting us daily. It's quite annoying. You have any advice on how to deal with that? Besides staying shielded?

Do not use this game as full of glitches and bugs. I did an in app purchase just before game update, it took my credit and never honoured the purchase. 2 hours of trying to log back in and others could play, killing me off, hitting me collecting rss. Customer support is pathetic. Only install if you like to be mugged, ripped off and abused!

Brother, if you have problems it may be because of your device or because you may have dropped when updating. Contact Plarium and see if you can find a resolve as they may be slow in a response but it will be sorted out. Don't give up on the game, did you have your game backed with Facebook and Google play? If so you should have this issue sorted quickly, if not you will have a little more trouble.


Well I'm missing materials and mailed them twice, that was 3 weeks ago, no response. I don't think they want to do anything unless they get something out of it and sad thing is day before sent them a mail telling them how I loved the game I got an instant response and still they do not respond to my missing materials?

I only have one builder and one prophet, I read somewhere that you can hire an additional one of each. Unfortunately I can find the option to do so. Can anyone help?

Hi Joe,

The only way to obtain them is to purchase a pack with real money where you will see the extra prophet and builder.


Game is amazing and very addictive just the whole buying packs that really annoys me on this game. I have never had any problem buying packs in other games or on my xbox one. But the crazy prices on this game make me think twice about buying. They want £69.99 per pack and you get no where near your moneys worth.

Hi Gaz,

Yeah mate its quite expensive and I know as I have spent a great deal of money on this game , but it is like all hobbies in life if its something you like doing and get enjoyment out of it that is the type of thing you cant put a price on. I have found that if you wait for a while the packs come down in price , for example - I brought a pack for $130.00AUS and waited about 2 weeks until I brought another pack of equal value and at that stage the pack had been priced at $64.99AUS so if you wait it out it can drop in price.


I will definitely wait it out then I think. Already been a week though and the packs are still at 69.99 lol

So, how is KVK going guys? I've lost all my troops already))

Hi ,

That's bad news my friend , did you prepare for the KVK with your clan or did you just go in all guns blazing? I am yet to have the event added to our kingdom but I very much look forward to taking part in the KVK battles as something new but much prep work has gone in to how my clan and I will be safe or battle in the event. I have read all the rules and they seem quite good but like most things in the game its hard to get good items/bonuses for much hard work. Heal them troops and get back in to it mate.


Hi, Gannon!
I lost all my troops in this event. But it was a lot of fun! Now I farm like a monster to heal them all

Hi Mate,

That's great you had fun with it, it was applied in our event tab that in 2 days we will be in the event also so very much looking forward to it myself. :) Our kingdom will be up against is kingdom 109 I see that their kingdoms palace of power has 470m influence and our kingdoms palace of power has over 1b so I can't see that as very fair but we will see. I'm currently 30m and my clan 242m and are also very prepared for the KVK, so heres to great battles and many kills. :) :)


How do I get my original kingdom back? I was in the other kingdom when the event ended and didn't know I would automatically go back when it ended now I'm in both and it says the other kingdom as my kingdom. Help me!

Two kvks won so far!))

Hi Gannon,
Just wondering, have ever heard of, or come across the gold of the gods? Thanks.
Also keep up the great work you're doing here, your forum is awesome...

Hi mate, yeah I have heard of the gold but am not 100% how it works. I think the gold may only be available during kvk. Oh btw I'm just another poster like you mate, I think secret service runs this forum.

Gold of the Gods is a new type of rss tile which appears for a limited number of time after KvK battle only in kingdoms which won KvK battle.

If you set up an onslaught on a member of another clan, are your troops protected from attack for the time of the countdown? I read that this works, but, when I did it and got attacked, all of my troops were killed. So, is this erroneous information, or did I do something wrong? Thanks.

How often will the kingdom wars happen?

nobody knows((

Hi All,

Bit of a you all probs know about this already but thought I would advise about Line App.

I use line app to send screen shots to my members and also Chiefs and players of our kingdom for proof of attacks , information etc., please look in to it as its a massive help in the game and also only uses data not phone credit so similar to Viber.

Give it a go guys you have noting to loose and much to gain from this App.


How to open line app account ?

Line app is also a great way for elders to talk about strategic moves in the game without other members getting involved. Such as spies.

Hi All,

So KVK started today and you know it that I am smashing it lol, so our kingdom is at near 10b points so far and the opposition is at just over 2b.. It's great fun and I have only needed to used 35k gold to resurrect troops so far so doing great, tonight the real attacking will begin when our kingdom smash them again as all the Americans should be up and ready for battle.

Having a blast guys , keep safe and have fun!! :)


Can no longer buy gold, seems bug in connection between iTunes Store and game. Any advice?

Hi Peru,

I use Android so not sure on the Apple side of the game, but maybe someone here may be able to help you.


Can I view if someone is attacking me on tile in watchtower?

Hi Mary,

No you cant, if you go to your watch tower it will tell you what the watch tower is used for and how it can help you in the game,


Been away for 2 months so way behind, is it possible to restart on a newer world and hopefully take the unused gold with me? Every time I delete app and try it starts where I left off even after unlinking from Facebook. If I can't I shall just give up on this game.

You can start over if your device is rooted. Just delete the app and go into your files and delete everything about the game. The obb and files

My question goes a bit further on theoretics than the average.
Most of you might have probably noticed that when you request for help when from fellow clansmen you'll get between 12 and 21 possible "helps". Has anyone been able to determine what defines this number? I have discarded rank level on the clan, palace level, and start to think it might be related to time spent on the clan but cannot be sure.

The amount of help is 4 more than your palace level.

Hello Gannon, Is there a way to protect troops while collecting RSS?

Hi Gideon,

The only way to protect your troops while on a rss tile is to add the offence and defence boosters for as long as the rss tile takes to harvest. Even if this is applied you may still be attacked and loose but it ups your chances of defending the tile if you are attacked on the tile.

Hope this helps you out a little mate,


If your troops are set in a long term onslaught, say 8 hours. Are those troops still vulnerable if attacked?

Fake onslaught doesn't save your troops, if somebody attacks your town you lose them.


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