Blossom Blast Saga - Blooming tips, tricks and secrets

Blossom Blast Saga

You may know King as the developer of such popular 'Saga' games as Candy Crash Saga, Farm Heroes Saga etc. Now King presents Blossom Blast Saga where you've got to deal with beautiful flowers. Like in previous games in Blossom Blast Saga you must make up three (and more) elements in a row to clear the game field. There are some innovations in gameplay which distinguish the game from predecessors so it will be very interesting to play. Read our tips and tricks for Blossom Blast Saga!

Remaining turns you can see in the upper left part of the screen in the bucket of water. When you finish level the water flow out and the flowers immediately start to bloom. You can earn a lot of points with this waterfall. The more turns you have the more points you earn. So when you finish a level try not to waste remaining turns on additional gameplay hoping to earn some more points because thanks to water you can get much more points.

You shouldn't hurry in this game because there are no time limit in Blossom Blast Saga. Try to explore game field to find to most advantageous cleaning positions (and it's not necessarily the first position you'll see). The rush won't lead to anything good.

First of all try to clear flowers links located in the center of the game field. You can get optimum effect only by this way. The more flowers you have in a link the more profit you get.

Get rid of pots as soon as possible. Pots in Blossom Blast Saga serve as blocks complicating the gameplay and they don't have any useful function. To destroy pots you need to blossom flowers that are located near them. More often than not the pots hinder to complete a task so keep in mind necessity of deliverance of them.

Like in other King's games you can login to Blossom Blast Saga via Facebook and get information about your friends playing the game. But there is another advantage you can get from this social network as you can ask the friends for additional lives. Similar mechanics can be found in other Saga games. So the longer you play, the more difficult will become the levels, and the help of friends would be very helpful.


I wish the game could be played on my computer, whether or not it's played in Facebook. So irritating I can't use my facebook friends to play, but currently it only runs on Android or iOS operating systems, Not Windows. Hope developers will add that soon. I LOVE and am addicted to the game. Thanks for the info above!

I have a big problem with level no.161. I don't know what should I do? And the game says my moves finished...

I have stuck Level 117 for weeks.
I need help, cheats or tips.
I truly like this game but getting very frustrated that I progress to other levels. Thinking about quitting the game. And uninstalling
I thought site could give some idea but No.
What's this site anyway?

Sorry that you didn't find the solution here. I hope that some of the visitors will help you to beat this difficult level.

How do I get past it I can't get enough blooms no matter what I do?

I am stuck too, those bees drive me crazy!!!

If decided your next move takes to long and a tracer or an option comes up are those to help you win the game or just show you a possible move?

Having difficulty with this one. What is the secret?

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