Alto's Adventure — Snow walkthrough, ice tips and tricks, frozen cheats

Alto's Adventure

In an exciting indie game Alto's Adventure you play as a snowboarder descending down the mountains. Among your tasks are doing tricks, avoiding mountain elders and collecting coins that allow you to unlock upgrades and new characters with unique skills. The slopes in the game are quite steep, and the tasks are difficult, so we advise you to read our tips for Alto's Adventure, as well as secrets and cheats.

On each level you have three goals to be completed. Some of these goals can be achieved in one run, while other goals may require several runs. You can focus on one goal, but it is better to focus on two goals that you can easily complete in a single race. Do not try to simultaneously perform the task of collecting coins or doing double or triple backflips.
Focus on your goals, and only those ones that you can complete.

It's better to make sure that among your objectives are gathering llamas, frightening the birds, surviving during a rainstorm, travelling through the woods and collecting coins.

The game show the current goal while playing, and you can pause the game to see your progress. After completing a goal, you will see flashing on the screen.

You can buy a helmet or a pickaxe, which will save you from accidents and from chasms. If you have spare coins, buy these items as they would be very useful for you in difficult missions with backflips or long runs. You will find a helmet and a pickaxe in the in-game store.

You can also buy llamas horn, which will be displayed on the screen. When you tap it, you'll see see running llamas, and this will help you to complete the corresponding goals.

You need to perform tricks to gain speed. This is a great way to progress in the game. Every time you do a backflip or grind, you accelerate.

When you start to earn coins, do not waste them on simple upgrades like magnets. Save them up for the Wingsuit. It costs 7500 coins, but if you give the game enough time, you will be able to unlock it after about two days of playing (when you reach level 15). You will need the Wingsuit for levels 31 and 32, so try to get it.

Whenever you have a coins goal, use a magnet or hover.

How to use the Wingsuit in Alto's Adventure? Once you buy a costume, you need to charge it. To do this, you will need to perform a lot of tricks to charge your scarf. During charging the scarf will start to lengthen and turn white. When you complete a sufficient number of tricks, the suit will turn on and you can tap Wingsuit button in the lower left corner to activate it and fly.

How to unlock characters in Alto's Adventure? As you progress through the levels you can unlock other characters with special skills. The first will be Maya, which quickly performs backflips, but moves slowly on the board. This is a pretty important character for the backflips related missions. After level 20 you will unlock Paz, which moves faster, but is slow on backflips.
During the game you will discover unique characters with other skills. Make sure you are using characters that will most effectively fulfill your purposes.


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