Ark of War — Space cheats, tips and tricks

Ark of War

Ark of War is an online multiplayer space game for Android and iOS from Seven Pirates. You manage a space colony, and your goal is to defeat all your opponents (other players), as well as gain control over resources. You can play alone, but you can also join any alliance. In order to make the path to victory easier read our tips and tricks for Ark of War!

To quickly improve your base, try to join a powerful alliance asap, complete game tasks, and then ask for help to complete the tasks you can not complete for free. The higher your VIP level, the more you can use free speed-ups. Your alliance can also accelerate your research and troops training.

Tap on the commander icon and select a commander, and then increase the level of their leadership. The higher the level of their leadership, the more troops you can take in a battle with the leader.

While playing Ark of War you will earn a lot of boxes with resources and tons of quest prizes. Don't collect them until you really need them. Because if they are left uncollected, they can not be stolen by other players. Once you have them, spend them for whatever you need.

Try to complete daily quests and daily exploration. With daily exploration you can earn resources, so spend some time to complete them. Daily quests are linked with the main quests, and you can earn not only resources, but also experience and even some gold (the premium currency of the game).

When you are in an alliance, do not forget to give help to the alliance, because it will result in a profit for you. If everyone is helping, then such alliance is more efficient, so before you join an alliance, check how active it is.

If you get an equipment, you can give it to your commander, but you need a forge ship. Activate the forge ship, so you can combine pieces of equipment to get a much better equipment.


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