Asphalt Xtreme — Demolishing guide, tips and tricks

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt from Gameloft is the most popular series of racing games for mobile devices. This time you are offered to leave the road and start driving off road in the new game Asphalt Xtreme. Choose powerful SUVs, monster trucks, pickups and go to the races. And if you can not overtake your opponents then you have to think about how to improve your car. We have tips and tricks for Asphalt Extreme, and we invite you to read them!

• You can destroy anything that is not part of the landscape. For example, you can demolish different boxes, barrels, fences. To do this you need simply to drive through the object, and the game will reward you by adding a little nitro. The more objects you destroy in a short period of time, the more nitro you get. This means that the speed of your machine will be higher!

• How else can you get nitro in Asphalt Xtreme? You can greatly accelerate and push another car. It is very funny, and you get a lot of nitro for doing that! Dangerous! Do to try to do it in real life! :)

• And there is another way to get nitro! :) If you tap the brakes and hit the turn then your car will enter the drift. Your nitro increases a lot while drifting. If you drift even a second it can bring you a little nitro.

• Every car in the game has its strengths and weaknesses, and you should know them in advance.
Buggies are fast and light, and they are easy to perform jumps. But as you can understand it is very hard to push other cars when you drive buggy.
Rally cars are fast and they are very good in drifting but avoid collisions with other cars.
SUVs can easily push other cars but it is almost impossible to perform a trick when you are on such car, so even if you like SUVs don't choose them.
Muscle cars are good in almost everything except for the fact that they consume too much nitro.
Monster trucks, pickups and trucks can push opponents without any problems. This is probably the best car class in the game.
In any case before a race you are given a car that will give you understanding what should you use in this race. Do not take a weaker car because in this case you would probably lose.

• Complete bonus objectives. You can complete each game level on three stars but in addition there are two bonus objectives. To get three stars you need to finish first. And you need to complete certain conditions for bonus objectives. For example, it could be to stay in the air for a certain amount of time, to execute the «barrel» roll, etc. For completing the bonus objectives you can earn good money and get reward materials which you can use to upgrade your car.


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