Best Fiends Forever — Anti-slime tips, tricks and cheats

Best Fiends Forever

Best Fiends Forever is a clicker game from mobile developer Seriously. We can not say that this is a direct sequel of the blockbuster puzzle Best Fiends, because all you need to do in the new game is just to tap your finger across the screen. A lot of gamers were disappointed by the genre of the new game and you can find them complaining in Google Play and AppStore. Nevertheless, it is a quite bright game, and it is possible that you will like it. Especially because the insects are still very cute! Gameplay is extremely simple but nevertheless we have some tips, tricks and and secrets for Best Fiends Forever.

So, it's a clicker, and you've got to tap the screen as often as possible. You can speed up this process by placing your gaming device (smartphone or tablet) on a table. It will make tapping much more convenient. Also try not to move your finger far away from the screen, because it will help you to increase the frequency of hits.

If a gaming device is on the table, it means that you have both hands free, and you can try to tap on the screen using several fingers at the same time. Try it, and may be you will find this way of playing quite effective!

Even if you have destroyed a slime, you shouldn't stop tapping on the screen because the next one will appear in just a second. Simply continue to press without stopping and without losing the rhythm.

How to earn diamonds while playing Best Fiends Forever? Diamonds are the premium currency of the game and you can get them after achieving certain game stages. But the easiest way is to connect your Facebook account with the game, and this will bring you 50 diamonds. You can also post your progress in Twitter and get 5 diamonds.

And how to earn coins in Best Fiends Forever? Entrust all fights to your insects and let the game play automatically. Heroes will permanently kill weak slimes, thereby accumulating coins for you.

From time to time you will see variety of objects appearing on the screen, so even if you play in automatic mode and watch the little insects, try to shoot down manually helicopters, barrels, chests and other objects appearing on the screen.

At the end of each level you will have to fight with a boss slime. Try to accumulate boosters increasing attack power of your insects, because as a rule you can't beat the boss without using these boosters and without the help of your fingers.


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