Best Fiends — How to find easter eggs?

Best Fiends

Question: Hello! Could you be so kind to explain me where to find eggs in this game? More precisely, I want to know where can I get 10th egg? Thanks in advance for your answers, I really need them!

Answer from z:

1 — Main screen;
2 — Go to the Gold store and click on Quincy;
3 — Go to Crystals;
4 — Go to the "Fiendish goodies";
5 — Click on "Super-rare" in the left corner of the main screen, browse to Karma;
6 — Use few keys in the boxes;
7 — Go to energy when it's full;
8 — Unlock Quincy's information (icon i);
9 — Change the language;
10 — In travels;
11 — Go to "Settings" - "Titles";
12 — Lose a level and tap on the butterfly.


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