Clash of Queens — Not another sissy tips, tricks and strategy guide

Clash of Queens

Clash of Queens is a massively multiplayer online strategy for iOS and Android from ELEX Wireless, the company behind such popular games like Clash of Kings and Magic Rush: Heroes. In this game you have to become an empress, create your kingdom, raise a dragon and fight against numerous monsters and other players for power in the gaming world. Read our advices, tips and tricks for Clash of Queens!

The biggest difference between this game and other multiplayer strategies is that resources gathering is greatly simplified in this game. In other games you have to spend a lot of time upgrading your farms and related buildings. In CoQ increase in resource production is reached by researching new technologies at the College.

The fastest way to strengthen your kingdom is to complete quests (or missions) which you can see at the bottom of the screen. Try to complete a quest when you can, and then start to play the next one. Once you've reached the gameplay moment where the construction of any building takes longer than five minutes, you will not be able to use a free five-minute speed-ups. But you can use them when building timer will show five or less minutes.

Success in battles primarily depends on the size of the armies, and that's why you've got to train as many troops as possible. So make sure that your barracks and stables are always training new troops. Before you start a fight with another player, try to explore enemies territory in order to understand how many troops you need. Do not forget about the dragon, because the more you use it, the faster it will gain experience.

Try as to join an alliance asap. After this you can move your kingdom closer to the alliance. This will make your game life more secure, because when someone attacks you, the members of your alliance will attack in return. At least, they may attack :)

Even if you can not win battles with other players, you can still attack the monsters that inhabit the world map. By defeating the monsters you will be able to get additional resources and experience. Do this and don't forget to constantly research sciences and recruit troops because this is one of the ways to become more powerful in the game!


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