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Clash Royale

Finnish company Supercell is well known as the developer of such popular games like Clash of Clans, Beach Boom and Hay Day. It may seem that Clash Royale is the sequel to Clash of Clans, but it does not. Clash Royale is a kind of spin-off, which combines card game and tower defense genres. You collect a deck of cards and use them to destroy enemy towers before the opponent destroys yours. The cards in the game are quite different, and besides the common ones, you can use the more efficient rare and epic cards. Moreover, you can earn gold and elixirs, and even join clans. Read our tips and tricks for Clash Royale!

In Clash Royale one can have a total of eight cards in the deck, so try to find a balance between building cards, spell cards and troops cards. Try to always have a card speeding up the production of elixirs, as it is much more easier to battle with them. Defense buildings cards will protect your towers, while the troops cards are responsible for the attacks. Spell Cards are used only once, but they are very powerful.

The goal of the game is to destroy the king's tower, and the destruction of the crown towers will allow you to earn extra points. Two minutes after the start of the game elixirs production speed is doubled for both players. After three minutes starts a sudden death mode, and then the winner is the one who will destroy any tower. If no one will destroy the tower for four minutes, it is considered a draw.

One can join a clan in Clash Royale after reaching the level 3. Try to do this as quickly as possible and start to help your clan mates by donating cards to them. You can send up to 60 cards per day, two cards per request. When you are making a request, you can get up to ten cards. For a common card donation you can get 1 XP and 5 gold, but for a rare card you can get 5 XPs and 50 gold.

There are regular troops in Clash Royale, and there are heroes. And the knowledge of the heroes' advantages would be very useful in battles. Prince, Giant and Baby Dragon will cause significant damage to enemy buildings (unless, of course, they are able to get close to these buildings). And in this situation regular troops will help a lot. If you can spend an elixir, and then send support along with the heroes. Barbarians and goblins will clear the way for your heroes a way better than the heroes by themselves. For these purposes, you can also use the Valkyries and the Musketeers.

In order to increase the army, you need the cards. And how to get the cards in Clash Royale? The basic way is to open the chests, which you get as reward for winning the battles. But it takes time and is not the most effective way. You can also look into the game shop, where you can spend gold by buying cards you need. Every day there are three different cards available to buy. If you did not find anything interesting, then you should visit the shop tomorrow. But it is best to join a clan and start sharing cards. Just remember that you need to give as much as you receive.

Don't forget to collect the chests! The game gives you free chests every four hours, and they can be stored for some time. This means that you need to log in to the game every eight hours to collect all the chests.

Spend some time studying what airs on TV Royale. The game has many strategic elements, and learning how the best players play will certainly help you to become one of them.

When the game starts 60 seconds of extra time, the winner is the one who first destroy an enemy tower. Therefore, you must put all your efforts to achieve this goal. And best of all is to use cards that cause a lot of damage (for example, Rocket). So try to have such cards in your deck, and at the right moment they will help you to win!



If you do not have a super-strong card, then it is usually better to wait before attacking. See what kind of card will use your opponent, because it will allow you to counter-attack and turn the tide of battle in your favor. Of course, this method does not always work in Clash Royale, but very often it turns out to be useful.

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