Dan The Man — Old school tips, tricks and secrets

Dan The Man

Mobile games developer Halfbrick Studios is well known for such hits as Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. Today Halfbrick Studios presents its new game Dan The Man, which will also enjoy players. This time you have to jump, run and do what usually platformer games heroes do. The game storyline take place in a brightly colored pixelated world. Dan The Man is not a simple title, and therefore we recommend you to read our tips, tricks and secrets for this game!

It does not matter who is your playable character. This could be Dan, Josie or your unique character. But it is necessary to remember that the effect of upgrades works only on the character you apply these upgrades. Upgrade can not be transferred, so if you want to apply it to another character you have to buy the upgrade again. So it's best (and cheaper!) to level up only one hero!

Try to save up the coins. You might want to buy a weapon in the game store, but you shouldn't do it. It is best to use the coins for improving your skills. You can also spend money restoring health of your character but whether you need it or not you should decide in a particular situation.

For destroying certain enemies there are certain punches that are best suited for this purpose. For example, a charged Power Attack will knock down the crowd of enemies with shields. Therefore, study the types of attacks and use them in situations where they fit best.

At the end of each level you get points depending on how many enemies you've destroyed. So try to destroy all of them to earn more points. In addition, after you clear a level from enemies, don't rush to run forward. Explore the level, because you can find secret areas that hide treasures and first aid kits. So take a few minutes and search for these hidden secrets.

How to earn rewards while playing Dan the Man? Look for statues of Atlas holding the TVs on their shoulders. Break them and you'll get an opportunity to watch ad videos. What's the point of this? After watching the video the game will reward you with funny weapons!

At first it's quite simple to punch the enemies. Everything becomes much more difficult when you meet a lot of enemies. In this case it is better to start jumping as often as possible to get away from them. But it's far more efficient to punch them from the air. To perform such punch you have to jump and press the punch button while being in the air. You'll like this way to attack your enemies!


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