Dawn of Titans — Mighty strategy guide with tips and tricks

Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans is a massively multiplayer online strategy game from Zynga and Natural Motion. An interesting feature of the game is that you can control powerful Titans and these Titans have significant impact on game battles. Would you like to succeed in the game? Then read our Dawn of Titans guide with secrets, tips and tricks!

Castle is the biggest structure in the city. By improving your castle you unlock new buildings that allow you to get new units and magic. If you want to get the biggest city and the most powerful army then start to upgrade your Castle.

Attacking enemy lands will help you to earn gold, food and Victory Points (VP), and you'll be able to attach the occupied land to your Kingdom. These lands produce more resources, so use them to improve your Kingdom.

At the same time remember that you must defend your lands from enemy attacks. Don't let them steal what belongs to you. Deploy your troops and Titans on lands that you captured and then other players will not get your gold, food and Victory Points.

How to level up in Dawn of Titans? You have two ways. You can either fight against other players, or play single-player campaign where you have to beat the evil Titan Almarand who craves for power and will stop at nothing to get it. In the campaign there are more than 300 missions, so you'll always find something to do.

Try to join an Alliance as soon as possible. Together with friends you can earn Victory Points, and the Alliance with the highest number of VPs get nice rewards (including Titans). Members of an alliance can share troops with their friends, and in return they get free gems. In addition, your Alliance members will always help you with advices. An alliance can consist of up to 50 people.

Participate in special events that are held occasionally in the game. For example, it may be battles of the alliances against each other, and for becoming a winner you will get tons of rewards. Participation in special events allow you to get the powerful Titans!


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