Devilian — Infernal guide, helluva tips and tricks


Devilian is a fantasy multiplayer role playing game from Gamevil. You play as Devilian, who is half-demon, half-human. His task is to save the world from the fallen god that has evil intentions. The gameplay is similar to Diablo and a lot of gamers have already liked a PC version of Devilian that was released in 2015. Interested in tips and tricks for the game? Then read our Devilian guide!

Use demon form (available from level 10) as often as possible, and not only in battles with other players (PvP). The more often you use it, the higher its level. Do last finishing blow in the demon form in order to benefit from the attack. The more enemies you destroy as demon, the more it will affect the growth of the character in his human form.

Add other players to the list of your friends because every day you will be able to send them 10 goodies. The day in the game begins at 9:00 AM UTC.

Complete as many quests as possible. To find them look in the checklist which can be found on the top right side of the screen near the map.

Play daily Abyssal Tower that is located in the North-East of Asperon. Here you can earn tons of xps and coins for both demonic and human forms of the protagonist.

In each game area there are Daily Wanted Quests (read about them in the checklist). Try to complete them and kill all enemies. And if you do not have enough coins then be sure to play these quests because after killings monsters they drop a lot of coins.

During the game you have two sets of talismans, but only one of them is active. What is this for? For example, you can use one for single player mode and another one for cooperative. The same can be said about the set of skills because you also have two of them and you can also use them for different purposes.

You can turn on autorun mode and at the same time do other things. For example, you can collect trophies, craft items, etc.

Some crafting tips:
• Don't sell materials only because you are low on gold. You may need these materials later and you will regret that you sold them.
• If you have the materials, money and would like to craft an item the game will set the maximum number of items that can be produced. So be careful and cautious!
• Do not upgrade gems without the need. You can't downgrade them back, so if you will need lower level gems then you will have to search them


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