Disney Enchanted Tales — Magic tips, tricks and cheats

Disney Enchanted Tales

Not so long ago players could build their own kingdom in Disney Magic Kingdoms, and now they can start building kingdoms in Disney Enchanted Tales. What is the difference? In the new game the main characters are famous Disney princesses — Bella, Rapunzel and Elsa — main heroes of Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and Frozen. We have some tricks, tips and secrets for Disney Enchanted Tales, so do not wait and read them now!

New buildings in the game are placed on tiles, and a lot of them are locked at the beginning of the game. Therefore try to save some space and put buildings close to each other. So when you unlock new tiles you will have enough space for new buildings.

Some of the locked tiles hide gifts, some allow you to get new stories, and from certain tiles you can get nothing except additional space. So when you run out of space, try to unlock only those tiles that give gifts and those ones you can unlock with coins. If you start to unlock tiles using diamonds, you will run out of them pretty fast, so do not do it.

Why do you need decorations in Disney Enchanted Tales? Only for decoration purposes, so you will not get any bonuses for them. However you will need decorations while completing some quests. Try to put the decorations between large buildings. So it will not take a lot of space and you can save the space for the next constructions.

Some buildings can be unlocked only for coins, and some only for diamonds. So because only new buildings with new characters unlock new quests and there are no bonuses for decorations, it is best to avoid to create buildings for diamonds. Yes, some of these buildings give prizes, but a pair of coins and stars every half hour is not worth the amount of diamonds you will spend on them.

Daily quests are updated every 24 hours, so it is better to play these quests every time you start the game. They are quite easy, but thanks to them you can get good rewards and a lot of coins and stars.

Once you have completed the quest, do not start a new one with the same character. Instead go to the quests section and see if there are other more easy quests for this character or other simple quests. The fact is that some of the quests can be done in minutes, and some will take a lot of hours, so it is better to check first.

Characters in the game can do different actions required for quests. When characters are active, they earn experience points needed to level up and as a result unlock new quests. So try to keep your characters always busy and do not let them get bored.



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