Disney Magic Kingdoms — Fairy cheats, tips and tricks

Disney Magic Kingdoms

If you love Walt Disney Studio cartoons, then you will surely enjoy Disney Magic Kingdoms from Gameloft. Yes, in this game you've got to build and improve buildings, but Disney Magic Kingdoms is not another "farm" game. It has a quite interesting storyline, and a gamer have to unlock famous characters from popular Disney and Pixar cartoons. It would be interesting to play both adults and children, and we have some Disney Magic Kingdoms tips and tricks for them.

Magic is a game currency. How to get magic while playing Disney Magic Kingdoms? You can visit other kingdoms. However, you won't be able to get a lot of magic, but at least it's something, because you'll need magic in the game constantly.

Diamonds are the premium currency and earning them is quite difficult. The diamonds are needed to get certain buildings and accelerate the execution of tasks. By the way, never waste your diamonds on speeding up something! How to earn diamonds while playing Disney Magic Kingdoms? You can get them for leveling up and watching ad videos.

If you don't know what to do in the game, then start playing game missions. Thanks to them, you will be able to progress with the storyline. First of all, try to complete characters related missions. Note that each of the characters in the game can perform only one task at a time.

As in other similar games, try to manage the game tasks keeping the required time in mind. For a short task you can get little amount of magic, and correspondingly you can get a lot of magic for long ones. Try to complete short tasks while playing Disney Magic Kingdoms, and start tasks that will take many hours before logging off the game.

The space in the game is a quite valuable resource, and very soon you will notice that the space is sorely lacking. So from the very beginning of the game when building, try to place the objects as close to each other as possible.



Hold the object and then you're able to move it!

Disney's theme park cash cow is food and merchandising.. So build as many burger stands, ear stands, pretzels, churros... This will help with money and experience. Too bad Disney Magic Kingdoms doesn't allow you to sell the buildings away for a reduced price like Simpsons and other pay-for-free games.

How do I defeat Troublemaker Pete? I've done the music quests.

Other people were saying they had a lot of the same problem. It was a glitch. Try updating your game or email Disney (there is a contact in the game) and they will help you!

You have to complete a bunch of goofy quest. Than eventually where it shows all you quest it will show one with Petes face. You hit that and do what it tells you to do. Petes quest take a while though.

Me either I can't figure it out

Which characters can you only get with gems in Disney Magic Kingdoms ? I know so far Pluto, Rex, and Boo... Are there more?

WALL-E and Maximus can also only be gotten with gems

Just keep sending as many characters as they allow you to over. For me it started with Mickey, Goofy and Pluto (I only have the first two) and by the 3rd round it only allowed Goofy...it also had a fraction timer and when it hit 4/5 it unlocked for me. Good luck!

I log in quite often throughout the day. Can someone tell me how these players are getting 3x the numbers I am on the leaderboards?

Each event has a timeline. So for example, the brooms "reset" every three hours and so you have to log in precisely to get the most points.

I play all day. How do players get 3x more on leaderboards? I never get to 300 but some people get 400+ brooms.

I got 2nd place for the brooms because I had knee surgery and my pain killers wore off every 3 hours. I would play for an hour to keep my mind off the pain till I could take another painkiller. :)

The reason they are sooooo much higher than genuine extended play, is that they are using a "cheat system" that automatically plays for them. It also gives them pretty much unlimited gems and magic. They of course pay for this "advantage", however I personally don't see the point. My aim is to play the game legitimately, without even spending on additional gems, otherwise I don't see the point??? I have had to give up on the "leaderboards" as they are impossible to win, whilst the automatic constant play is being allowed. I did come 4th in one of the first broom games in the very early days, now it's impossible to do that legit.

Hi! I've sent Rex for intimidation lessons 5 times and it never starts the Quest... Do you have to do that several times?

Send him to greet guests then quest will start

What is the point of buying decorations?

How do I get free gems? I want 40,000 gems for my Shopping Spree!

What is the best way to earn a lot of gems without having to buy them? I know leveling up can get you one or two each time, but what about watching ads? How does that work?

Can you get characters like Boo, Maximus without spending hundreds in gems?

Does anyone know how to get unlimited gems and magic???

Is there a cheat for free gems?

The movie theatre started offering 2 gems a day if you watch a quick commercial. Has anyone gotten white gloves in a chest for the prince? I've had a dozen chests but no gloves. Love the game!

You have to buy a chest and then you get the gloves. I bought the single chest and it was in that.

I bought a single chest, nothing... A variety pack of chests, still nothing.... Wasted all that money on gems to still not get the prince. Several days later I found a chest in the kingdom and the gloves were in there for free... This game is aggravating!

I never bought anything. Just try to get the better chests. It took me about 5 days.

It took me about 2 weeks of chests but I finally got the gloves! Didn't have to spend real money on it thankfully. I think it was a gold chest.

Yes I got them, after many other chests.

Don't buy any chest... Just be patient and you will get them in one of the chests... It took me a while to get them but it's better then spending my real money!

The gloves come in a chest that takes 24 hrs to open. I think it was a silver chest, but I'm not sure. But it was definitely one that took 24 hrs

I have been playing for almost a month now and never have gotten any gems with the parade. It always says. Chance of these many gems of you use that float, but I have only gotten magic and special objects once or twice. What do you need to do to get the gems?

I've opened probably 30 chests and still no gloves for the prince...what's the deal?

It came in the platinum chest that I bought.

Took me forever to get the gloves for the Prince, I found so many chests before it happened. It ended up being a bronze chest that gave them to me. Some people get lucky, others don't SORRY :(

I have two tasks asking to build 2 rose bushes & 2 street lamps (being handy part 1) and build 2 streetlights (playing dress up). No matter how many times I do it, it never gets recognized so the task doesn't get completed...

When you build them are you hitting on the task picture and following it from there or are you going to the book/buy button and buying them that way. If you follow from the task button, it should recognize that you completed task. Just extra if you go from the book/buy button.

Having an issue reminding him to eat lunch, help?

I have tried everything but Mikey guests still have clouds above their heads. When before I clicked on them they would go see Mikey, but now they won't... Is there any way to fix this mess?

When you click on Mickey's guest head, it should bring up what is needed for Mickey to do. It could be Search for friends, research magic, or play trumpet. There will
be a smiley face next to what that person wants to see. If there are 3 different people with Mickey's head over them, most likely they will each want something else.

Please please please! How do you beat Zurg? Everyone is maxed out and I uncursed the area everyone else did and nothing! What am I missing???

I am having a problem defeating Zurg also. He went into hiding over a week ago. There are no tasks to defeat him. I have read that Buzz, Woodie & Jessie are needed to defeat him. They are maxed out level with no tasked to defeat him. I have tried various longer tasks to attempt to start something. Help!!! Going crazy.

Is anyone else getting nothing but street lamps from all treasure chest? I have so many and its all I keep getting. There should be a way to trade in items for other things like magic or gems. Just a suggestion. But really disappointing to keep getting the same item over and over... I mean waiting more then 12+ hours for a chest to get a lamp. You would think eventually you'd get a rare item out of the more valuable chest. Anyways sorry for the long rant. Just wish there was more options to get rid of unwanted items.

How do I get the hat thing to level up Prince Charming?

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