Dragon Land — Fire-spitting cheats, tips and tricks

Dragon Land

If you like old games from the Spyro series, then you will surely enjoy new platformer game Dragon Land from Social Quantum. You play as a cute Blaze the Dragon, and must rescue your friends. You'll unlock new abilities and levels, and some of these levels are quite hard to beat. So read our tips and tricks for Dragon Land!

If you see a small group of enemies, which are located close to each other, try to jump on all of them, without touching the ground. If you manage to do this, you get a combo bonus that increases the number of coins you get for destroying enemies.

Coins can be spent on the dragons upgrade and this will increase their strength and health. Beating each level requires a certain amount of health, and if you don't have enough then the game will warn you. However, you can continue playing. But if your dragon is not powerful enough, you won't be able to play. Coins can be spent only on the upgrade of the dragons, so there is no reason to accumulate them. Also remember that your dragons earn experience points for beating levels.

Don't hurry to play game levels very fast. It's better to study these levels! In the first world at every level you can find gems. These gems are the premium currency in the game. From the second level you will start finding crystals. And you have to make some efforts because these crystals are quite well hidden! Also, you can find keys that can help you to discover secrets in other worlds.

Once you have beaten the first two levels of the second world, you will unlock quests. Quests are bonus levels that disappear after you have completed them, and appear again after some time. These levels are quite short, but you can find a lot of coins thanks to them. But the most important thing is that after beating such level you will get a huge reward. Try to always play such levels whenever possible!

Crystals can be spent in the gifts shrine (there are two of them - a normal one and a super-shrine). You can't spend crystals anywhere else, so it makes little sense to store them. Due to the shrines you can obtain potions, coins and some fun stuff.


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