DragonSoul — Tips, tricks, secrets and guide for dragonfighters


DragonSoul is a mobile role-playing game from the Perblue Inc. The main feature of the game is that it's very funny and humorous. Your goal is to kill the evil dragon Umlaut and save all whom he imprisoned in SoulStones. Read our tips, tricks and secrets for DragonSoul!

Try to evolve your heroes and do it ASAP. Evolved heroes get top-notch bonuses, and it is worth spending some money. You will need Soulstones to evolve heroes, and you can find these stones in silver and gold chests after completing certain missions on Elite level.

It's recommended to complete daily missions and quests! Thanks to them you will not only earn a lot of different useful goodies and freebies, but also progress a lot in the game.

Do not forget to collect bonuses the game rewards you. Several times a day you can open a silver chest, and every two days you can open a gold chest. These chests contain a lot of useful bonuses that will help in DragonSoul and make your gameplay easier.

When forming your team place the most powerful participants at the front. They have good health and defence, so they can take the brunt. The attacking team must be placed in the middle as the support members (those ones who can strengthen other participants or heal them). Those ones who, for example, poisons the opponents should be placed behind as they often are the weakest in the team.

Once you have beaten a level on three stars, you can return to this level and play it again. The main thing that you must have tickets allowing to do such raids. You can replay a level over and over again and get the same prizes and earn experience points. By the way you can also earn experience points in campaign mode.

How to earn money in DragonSoul? You can participate in battles with other players. Try to choose the weakest opponents because it will allow you to not only get the rewards, but also become one of the best players.


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