DragonVale World — Really magic guide, tips and tricks

DragonVale World

DragonVale World is the sequel to the mobile hit DragonVale from Backflip Studios. As in the previous game your goal is to control an island that is inhabited by dragons. You will have a lot of work and tasks, but the most important and interesting part of the gameplay is breeding dragons! Looking for DragonVale World tips and tricks for the game? Then read our guide!

Always breed new dragons! Perhaps this advice may seem obvious because the aim of the game is to breed as much as possible different dragons. The process of breeding must be running constantly so when you go back to the game you have to get a new dragon and then start the process of a new breeding!

Visit tasks section and see what goals you can achieve to earn money and food. If you want to get free diamonds go to the Wizard Hall and see what achievements you can complete. And if you do not have goals to complete and constructions to build but you would like to earn experience points then you can do the following. Go to the in-game store and buy the most expensive decoration because this will give a lot of experience points. Sell ​​it and then buy again. Do this until you will run out of money. Repeating this you get experience that will allow you to quickly go to the next level.

There is a special event every weekend in the game and you should not miss it. Participate in this event and as a reward you fairly easy get a lot of useful goodies. Each task has three stages and the first one is pretty easy. Therefore, if you do not have time to participate in the event, try to play at least the first stage.

There are two dragons in DragonVale World that produce diamonds. These dragons are Wisteria and Deadwood. To be precise enchanted versions of these dragons also produce diamonds. They give you one diamond per day at the first level but you will get more diamonds after increasing your level. Therefore you need to think hard about how to get these dragons. Sometimes they can be found in the store but it is very unlikely. It is better to play the game every day and after 20 days the game prompts you to select one of the two!

There are different types of materials in the game that you can collect with your dragons. Take a note that dragons of certain elments may collect certain materials. So if you need some specific material then send a dragon of the corresponding element to gather materials. The higher is the level of a dragon, the great reward you get, so do not be afraid to send your best dragons. And do not be afraid to send dragons with the Airship, because they will return with the next airships.

Do we have other tips for DragonVale World? Yes! Try to make as many friends in the game as possible because you will be able to give each other free diamonds. The more friends you have, the more diamonds you get and the faster you progress in the game and unlock its new features!

There are different kinds of food that you can grow in DragonVale World. Something grows fast but something grows quite slow. If you would like to get «long food», which can be obtained after five hours or more, then start to grow it when you are going to quit the game and go to bed. In the morning when you wake up, it will be ready!


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