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How to breed a dragon? This question begins to worry most of those who start playing DragonVale World. There are a lot of dragons in the game and to find the right one is not so easy. Our guide will help you because we share secrets about how to get what you want.

The game has seven basic elements of dragons. These are Jungle, Fire, Earth, Frozen, Water, Fairy and Air. You can mix them to get different kinds of hybrids. The order of mix does matter. For example, if the Jungle and Fire will give you Flytrap, then Fire and Jungle will give you Wildfire. In addition, there are dragons (for example, Fossil) which consist of more than two elements.

Common Dragons
Fire Hybrids

Wildfire Dragon = Fire + Jungle (20 min)
Thermal Dragon = Fire + Earth (6h, 15 min)
Frostburn Dragon = Fire + Frozen (5h, 15 min)
Geyser Dragon = Fire + Water (3hr, 15 min)
Imp Dragon = Fire + Fairy (1h, 30 min)
Paradise Dragon = Fire + Air (4h, 45 min)

Water Hybrids

Tropical Dragon = Water + Jungle (1h, 30 min)
Newt Dragon = Water + Fire (2h, 30 min)
Shore Dragon = Water + Earth (23h, 30 min)
Polar Dragon = Water + Frozen (19h, 30min)
Grotto Dragon = Water + Fairy (5h, 15 min)
Whirlpool Dragon = Water + Air (12h, 30min)

Air Hybrids

Sonar Dragon = Air + Jungle (1h, 45min)
Badlands Dragon = Air + Earth (1d, 11h)
Mistral Dragon = Air + Frozen (1d, 5h)
Mist Dragon = Air + Water (20h)
Gossamer Dragon = Air + Fairy (7h, 45min)

Jungle Hybrids

Flytrap Dragon = Jungle + Fire (1 min)
Oasis Dragon= Jungle + Earth (30 min)
Alpine Dragon = Jungle + Frozen (2h, 30 min)
Fera Dragon = Jungle + Water (1hr, 45 min)
Glade Dragon = Jungle + Fairy (45 min)
Canopy Dragon = Jungle = Air (2h, 30 min)

Earth Hybrids

Underbrush Dragon = Earth + Jungle (2h, 15 min)
Magma Dragon = Earth + Fire (4h, 40 min)
Wooly Dragon = Earth + Frozen (1d, 2h)
Canyon Dragon = Earth + Water (16h, 30 min)
Labryrinth Dragon = Earth + Fairy (10h, 15min)
Tumbleweed Dragon = Earth + Air (1d)

Frozen Hybrids

Fir Dragon = Frozen + Jungle (2h)
Thaw Dragon = Frozen + Fire (3h, 45 min)
Tundra Dragon = Frozen + Earth (1d, 11 hr)
Frost Dragon = Frozen + Fairy (8h, 30 min)
Rime Dragon = Frozen + Air (19h, 45 min)

Fairy Hybrids

Iris Dragon = Fairy + Jungle (3h)
Foxglow Dragon = Fairy + Fire (3h, 30min)
Elfin Dragon = Fairy + Earth (15h, 30min)
Borealis Dragon = Fairy + Frozen (13h)
Dewdrop Dragon = Fairy + Water (8h, 45min)
Wink Dragon = Fairy + Air (12h)

Rare and Enchanted dragons

Venom Dragon = Fire + Jungle (45 min)
Dune Dragon = Earth + Water (11h, 30min)
Mineral Dragon = Earth + Fairy (7h, 50 min)
Cinder Dragon = Fire + Earth + Jungle (2h, 5 min)
Fossil Dragon = Earth + Water + Frozen (2d, 2h)
Bahlrawg Dragon = Fire + Earth + Fairy (5h)
Knarr Dragon = Water + Air + Frozen (1d, 13h)
Cavern Dragon = Fairy + Frozen + Air (1d, 8h)

Epic Dragons

Currently we do not have information about getting epic dragons, only their names. If you know how to breed them then please share this information with us and other players.



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The Wisteria and Deadwood dragons cannot be bred, only obtained by buying them or through the daily calendar. The same goes for the enchanted versions of these dragons. To get the Hieroglyph dragon, I bred the Thermal and Magma dragons, it took a few tries, but I eventually got it.

Is The Wisteria dragon able to be breed? (Bred? breed? Bred?)

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