Dream League Soccer 2016 — Сheats, tips and tricks for the real champions

Dream League Soccer 2016

Dream League Soccer 2016 is a football/soccer simulator for iOS and Android from First Touch Games Company. Like in other similar games, you create a team with players, train them and try to take top places in the fixture lists. Victories will help you to get very valuable coins. And coins can be used in the transfer market to buy popular football-players. Forward to the victory! Read our secrets and tricks for the Dream League Soccer 2016!

Before you start learning the intricacies of the transfer market, you'd better study game controls. If you would like to understand what each of the buttons is used for, but do not want to play tutorial, then skip the tutorial, start a new game and press pause. Then go to the menu, then to the controls submenu, and there you will see the buttons information. Try to remember it, and, if necessary, you can adjust the controls for youself.

Make sure that everyone in your team is in the corresponding place. To understand whether a player is on the right position you can by the color of his icon. If it is green, then everything is fine, but the red color is bad. Try to to make the most of your team having green color.

Learn to trade! Rare and popular players can be sold on the transfer market at a price that is slightly higher than the market's price. However, this will require you to wait a little. At the same time, look for the good deals that will allow you to buy players that cost a bit less than the average market price. The player does not need to be popular, as long as he had a good performance and he is able to take the required position in your team.

Play in different game modes (the main mode, the career and the tournament) to get different prizes. If you're not a pro in Dream League Soccer 2016 then the tournament mode would be quite hard for you. But if you have enough skills to beat your opponents then you'll get the highest reward.


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