Drive Ahead — Tips, tricks and cheats that will destroy your opponent

Drive Ahead

Drive Ahead is a quite simple but addictive game. And the game is extremely popular (more than 10 millions players can be wrong). The main task is to manage your car and destroy the enemies. The game has a lot of stages, cars, obstacles and traps. Boldly drive into the arena to fight with opponents, but first of all read our hints, tips and tricks for Drive Ahead!

A lot of Drive Ahead players are interested in how to unlock a space bike? It has an impressive and futuristic look and while driving it leaves behind a glowing trail. In addition, it is small, but fast enough. However it is quite difficult to manage, and it is recommended to use the bike only if you're an experienced player. So how do you get space bike? You need to do 30 flawless wins. It is a long and difficult way, but you can use a little cheat. Start two players game, choose a weak enemy and start winning!

In one of the most difficult missions in Drive Ahead you need to shoot down a UFO. In fact, it is not an ordinary flying saucer, but rather a powerful boss. Unlike other opponents every ten seconds it fires lethal beam. So how to shoot down this alien boss? To do this use one of the following vehicles: Monster Cannon, Army Bike, Tank or Humvee (all-terrain vehicle). You need to shoot the UFO, then it will fly away to appear again in a few seconds. You win the mission after you shoot three times the alien overlord. Everything is complicated by the fact that in addition to the boss you will be attacked by other flying saucers and drones, and this makes the mission quite hard. For the victory in the mission you will get 200 coins and the alien drone. And it deserves to tinker with the mission!

How to unlock bikes and vehicles in Drive Ahead? You can play a slot machine. To increase bets you need coins. At first, there is no need to make huge bets because even with small bets you'll win something new. But when your chances will decrease below 80%, you can try to increase the bets. Take a chance to get a good reward! Perhaps it's better to try to make a big bet than to lose by making small bets.

You enjoy the game, but you'd like to play it on your PC? There is a solution! In order to play on the PC, download an Android emulator (eg, BlueStacks, KOPLAYER or Manymo) to your computer. Install it, then run it and log in using your Google account. Then visit Google Play, download Drive Ahead there, install it and play the game! It's pretty simple!

How to earn coins while playing Drive Ahead? After every five stages of the game you can watch ad videos, and this watching is rewarded by coins. Also a section with ad videos can be found in the in-game store. For each video you're given 30 coins and you can spend money in the casino. Do you want to open a lot of cars and levels? Then watch a lot of videos!


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