Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 — Cheats, tips and tricks for best pilots

Dustoff Heli Rescue 2

Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 is a military rescue helicopter simulator where a player must complete various missions. Among the missions are rescue of people, destruction of enemy vehicles, etc. In addition, it is necessary to upgrade the helicopter and buy new models from time to time. The game is made in the Minecraft cubical style, and its gameplay will not you remain indifferent. Read our tips and tricks for Dustoff Heli Rescue 2!

While playing missions try to evaluate which enemy targets should be destroyed, and which you should fly by. For example, if your mission is to save people then there is no need to hover in the air for shooting enemy turrets. If you rise high then the enemies will miss while firing. So rise as high as possible and fly straight where you need. Remember that the main your goal in not to destroy all the enemies but accomplish the mission.

And after completing a mission be careful when landing. It's a shame to spend a lot of time and nerves to complete the task and later fall down while landing on the ground.

Despite the desire to choose the most powerful helicopter from beginning of a mission you should remember that these helicopters are best to take for the missions where you have to destroy enemies. For time missions it is better to use light and fast helicopters.

At the bottom of the screen there is a bar with the coloured dots indicating the location of your enemies and friends, as well as the location of your helicopter. Make a decision about whether ascend or descend based on that location. For example, if you go back to the helipad then start to go down in advance, and don't descend to the helipad vertically downwards as this will take more time.

In Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 there are two game currencies. The first is the fuel cans. Once a day you will be given ten cans that will allow you to make ten combat sorties. If the cans are over they can be replenished by watching ads before starting a mission. You can also go to the in-game store and watch ads there to increase the number of cans. Another game currency is coins which you earn by completing missions. How to earn more coins? The easiest way is to watch the ads after successfully beating a mission and that will double the income.

Are there other ways to earn coins? Yes, you can replay old already completed missions and get coins for beating them again. It is better to go back to the missions after you upgrade your helicopter.


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