Fishing Break — Fisherman's cheats, tips and tricks

Fishing Break

Do you like fishing? Yes? But do not have time to get out of town? Then Fishing Break will help you! In this bright and fun game you will, of course, go fishing and catch very large and cunning fish, open new characters and participate in tournaments. As in real life you have to be attentive, assiduous and able to use a fishing rod. Read our cheats, tips and tricks for Fishing Break!

When you cast a line, ALWAYS try to catch a fish, even a small one. Do not rush to spin the reel and wait for the fish to grab the bait, otherwise you will lose the bait, which is quite expensive. For example, if 10 baits costs 1000 coins, this means that you have to catch 10 fish, and each fish must cost at least 100 coins. So it does not, but it is better to catch a few fish for 50 coins than nothing. Therefore, after each cast try to pull a fish!

How earn money in Fishing Break? The first and easiest way is to watch ad videos in the game. This method allows you to not only make money, but to double them! You should watch these ads every time you start the game. Another way is to participate in tournaments, where you can get a good reward. Also, try to choose the best of the lakes where you can fish and not be afraid of losing your bait.

But if you don't want to watch ads which irritate you during the game, you can go to the settings and enable Airplane mode. Then you can safely play without annoying ads.

For various types of fish you can get various types of stars. So if you are bored with the usual tasks, go to the different areas of the current lake (river or sea) and try to catch all the possible types of fish in order to get a new star. Keep collecting the stars so you can open new level in Fishing Break.



Normally, when you open a new region, your line is not strong enough to pull the fish living there. And so you will not be able to recoup the purchase of the baits. Therefore it is better to return to the previous regions and go fishing there. This will allow you to earn money that can be spent on upgrading your fishing rods.

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