Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot — Really hot tips, tricks and cheats

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot

There are a lot of „collect three in a row“ games for Android and iOS, but Frozen Free Fall from the Disney is one of the most popular. Now guys from Disney decided to create a Peggle clone, where you need to shoot a ball and thereby clean the playing area. So now you can enjoy Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot. It would seem that everything is quite simple, but we strongly recommend you to read our tricks, hints and tips for Free Fall: Icy Shot.

If your ball hits both sides of the screen, you get a free fire ball that destroys everything on its path. This ball will be very useful on levels containing wooden blocks.

In addition, if your ball hits twelve seconds or more you get a free mega ball that is much larger than a normal game snowball. This ball will be very useful when you need to clean areas with a lot of elements.

Stuck in Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot? Then use power-ups and boosters which can be selected before starting a level. Thanks to them you get advantages while playing the game, but the amount of bonuses is limited, so use them wisely!

If you start the game every six hours, you can get free bonuses from the main menu of the game. Bonuses are the keys that can open chests. Try to accumulate these keys for the gold chests because with the gold chests you can get boosters or coins.

How to beat a level for three stars? Try to complete game tasks as quickly as possible. If finishing a level you still have snowballs, then you get a huge bonus. If you hit the snowflakes that appear at the bottom of the screen, you will get 500 points. There are another ways to increase the number of points. If your snowball will hit twenty ice blocks, you get a multiplying points super-ball.

If your snowball is stuck somewhere (ie, can not reach the bottom of the screen), then it will come back to your gun. You should remember it while playing levels with impenetrable blocks. It's kind of a way to get additional free ball.


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