Gods and Glory — Useful tips and tricks in magic strategy guide

Gods and Glory

Gods and Glory is a game from Wargaming, the company behind such mega-hits as World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz. This time the developers decided to leave World War II theme and switch to the fantasy genre. Some players didn't accept such decision, but if you like Gods and Glory then read our strategy guide with tips and tricks.

The first and main advice that can be given for Gods and Glory is to follow the storyline. Try to complete tasks given to you by the game. Thus you will not get confused and will progress in the game, and this will allow you to confront the enemies. Most tasks are related to the construction and they will help you to earn a lot of money.

Try to keep your barracks constantly producing new soldiers. This is one of the key features of multiplayer online strategies. No matter how much you may have created soldiers, you will never have enough. Even if you're pretty strong, sooner or later there will be someone stronger than you. This player is able to thoroughly decimate your army, so you will have to quickly regain the power.

In the game you can get tokens speeding up the gameplay. Yes, they are useful and you may want to immediately spend them. But it is recommend to save them up for the moments when you will really need them.

How to win battles in Gods and Glory? Combat system is quite simple but a lot still depends on the location of your fighters. Try to place strong attacking warriors in front while mages and archers are better to be placed behind.

How to level up a hero? During the gameplay you unlock the skill tree of your character. Try to develop only one branch and not all branches. Hero with developed skills of one branch will be more effective than the one with «smeared» skills.

Be careful if you are near mines or other buildings and you are going to attack these structures. The game will warn you that it may be better to withdraw and try to attack something else.

If the game offers you something for free then grab it :) You do not have to spend immediately everything you've got, it is better to save it for further gameplay. If you play and spend earnings wisely then you can get almost everything from the game without spending real money.


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