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Gods of Rome

Question: How do I organize the best team in Gods of Rome? What should I? I am waiting for your answers and hope that you will help me with this!

Answer from Tin Professor 8v8m:

1. Get different class (monster, hero, god, ancient, demigod) in a team of five so you ALWAYS have a fighter with a class advantage
2. Try to get 3 or 4 star fighters from the SPECIAL spheres (ex. Ares sphere) for the special characters usually have better skills.
3. Try to get bonds if possible
4. Get fighters with the 3rd (unlockable) ultra or really OP 1st ultras (ex Prometheus, chance to heal 26% health each ultra!)
5. Block or dodge attacks
6. Don't forget to rank up
7. Keep a lot of weak fighters for PVP


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