Hay Day - Thanks letter

Question: Every day I help 10-15 gamers with the steamboat, treat their withered trees but the next day I get only 5 'thank you' letters with gift card. Why? May be some of them are bad and don't wand to send letters? Does every letter contain a gift card? Could you please explain me?

Answer from flora: My guess is that some people don't have gift cards.

Answer from olg: Most likely these people don't want to send 'thank you' letters because of harmfulness!!! People, please, send letters, after all other gamers had been helping you! To tell the truth I have the same problem and I understand you... You can spend your time to get these letters to buy something useful, and those nasty people don't send you anything :(

Answer fron Diana: You can help as much as you want but you'll get only five grateful letters because it's impossible to get more.

Answer from Karabuna: There are people that don't play the game every day and therefore don't send letters.

Answer from Mati: I agree with Diana - you can help as much as you want but you'll get only five letters. It's a trouble with letters but there are points for the help! May be you didn't receive the letters but you nevertheless got points!


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