Hay Day - How to get planks?

Question: I extremely need to upgrade silo storage. I have enough nails and so on (and even sell out surpluses), but I fail with planks. Where do I get them? I watch newspaper updates for hours and was lucky to get only couple of offers. My silo storage is bursting at the seams and I don't know where to keep the harvest!

Answer from Andrew: Planks and other building materials you can get by completing different game tasks (such as collect milk, eggs, bacon, harvesting). It's better to plant wheat because it grows faster and collecting it you can get building materials. Keep in mind the more wheat you collect at a time the more chances to get special item you have. Yes, you'll get a lot of wheat so it's better to sell it for 1 coin per 10 units because in that case wheat would be selling faster.

Answer from anime: Planks, nails, duct tape etc are very rare items. You can get them during harvesting (plants and animals). But sometimes you can find ads about selling them in the newspaper. They are quite expensive so save up coins.


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