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Hay Day

Question: Help me! I like Hay Day and I reached level 33. But my phone crashed! I downloaded the game on my new tablet but it starts from the very first level! Please give me an advice how to restore my farm? I will be very grateful! I need to transfer the farm to the new device! Thanks in advance!

Answer from Hoffman: It's not difficult, if you connected your Hay Day account with Google Play or Facebook. I'm sure that some people could delete the game accidentally or simply due to the fact that they were tired of the game or the game seemed to take a lot of memory on the smartphone. In general, once you have decided to get rid of it, but then you became bored and decided to start playing Hay Day again. You go to the game and then you start it from the beginning! "But what about my achievements?! Where are my results?! I do not want to start from the beginning, how to restore my Hay Day farm???". So, I'll explain how to do farm transfer to a new device. To do this, connect the game to Google Play (click on the "Settings" menu without leaving the game). If you previously registered your farm on Google Play, then your results are saved and you can retrieve them! There must be a table with a confirmation:
1. Your current farm (ie, the new one where you have just started to play the first level, etc.)
2. And your old farm that is still keeping your results. So, click on your old farm, and there will be a text field "This is my farm." To confirm your choice you'll need to enter "Confirm" in the input field. Thus, your results will be restored, and this new farm will be automatically updated and replaced by your old and beloved farm! I'll be very glad if my advice will help you to transfer your account to a new device! Enjoy the game! Your old Hoffman! :)


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