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Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is the sequel of the popular Hill Climb Racing from Fingersoft. As in previous game you control extremely unstable cars and your task is simply to reach the finish line. You unlock cars, earn coins and gems to improve the car because you've got to go to the next level and compete with other players. Read our tips and tricks for Hill Climb Racing 2!

Use coins to upgrade your car. Upgrading your engine will increase the speed, grip upgrade will make it better to drive (especially on hills), upgraded suspension will improve the jumps and AWD will make the car more controllable.

Do not invest a lot of money in upgrading your first car! This car even upgraded is much slower than other cars you can buy. Save money not only to buy these machines but to upgrade them later. And try to buy the super jeep asap. It is much faster than your first car, more reliable and durable and even has protection from small crashes.

Do not get involved into performing tricks while playing Hill Climb Racing 2 because they are mostly for fun. Yes, you will earn some coins, for example, for doing rolls in the air but you will get much more for winning races and increasing your rank. You can perform tricks if they allow you to quickly reach your destination or you just want to play a little but if you want to take first place in a race or set a record then try to avoid tricks.

Try to land parallel to the ground to quickly regain control of the car and accelerate quickly.

You have problems with the fuel? Save gas while descending from hills and also use the gravity and momentum that will propel your car forward without using fuel.

When you win a race you get a chest with a reward in it. Unlocking the chest requires from 2 to 8 hours (depending on the rarity of the chest), but you can get the reward instantly if you watch ad video. Use this feature whenever possible because you get a lot of coins and this will speed up the upgrade of your car. Note that chests are the main source of money in Hill Climb Racing 2! You get few hundreds of coins for winning a race and a few for performing tricks, but you can get gems and thousands of coins from a chest!

How to unlock cars to Hill Climb Racing 2? Try to win races, that will increase your rank. New cars become available at Bronze III, Silver I, Silver II and Gold I. It is assumed that new machines will appear with new game updates.

How to open a motocross? This can be done for 20,000 coins. How to unlock a sport car? This would require 80,000 coins.



Fuel is consumed at the same rate regardless if coasting or using the accelerator. Therefore do NOT coast down hill. You need to be going as fast as possible by using the accelerator.

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