Hungry Shark Evolution - Large-toothed tips, tricks and cheats

Hungry Shark Evolution is a very popular shark simulator from Future Games of London. In this game you start to play as a small shark but after eating sea dwellers, careless swimmers and beach vacationists you become larger and larger. You main enemies are other sharks and dangerous sea creatures. Read our tips and secrets for Hungry Shark Evolution!

Start the game, swim up to the treasure cheast. After obtaining a daily reward close the game and go to the time settings of your smartphone/tablet. Add one day to the current date. Then start Hungry Shark Evolution again and get your daily reward! You can repeat this trick over and over again. Just note that you have to close the game, not exit.

There is another daily reward cheat. After you get the reward 'rewind' the date in time settings for a week back. Start the game and get the reward. Then set 6 days back and get the prize again. Repeat it the whole 'week'.

First of all I recommend you to store up some coins. After that in Top Secret you can get Electro Shark (25000 coins) or big Ice Shark (75000 coins).

When you started to play Hungry Shark Evolution, got Tiger Shark and don't know what the predator hides under the stone with drawing then I tell you that this is Megalodon. This monster can eat small fishing boats, all kinds of medusas, both types of mines and other sharks. He can easily eat helicopter (you only have to jump that high), but it's quite hard to eat giant crab by Megalodon. The only problem of Megalodon is his huge size.

Search for the treasures in locations where you can find hostile Megalodon, shoal of monkfish and kempy bass (they are usually in caves). Don't stay overland for long time because it can cause death.

After Megalodon there will be Big Daddy (dunkleosteus). He can eat submarines and giant mines.

Robo Shark is better than Megalodon, but you can get less points from her.

During Gold Rush you can explode all bombs and your health level won't change.



You don't have to close the game just edit the time on the evolve screen saves loads of time

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