Hungry Shark World — Bloodthirsty tips, tricks and secrets

Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World is a sequel of the popular Hungry Shark Evolution. The goal of the new game remains the same, and you still have to eat as much as possible of what surrounds you. The more you eat, the bigger will be your shark. And the bigger will be your shark, the larger food you can swallow. How to become a super predator? Read our tips, tricks and secrets for Hungry Shark World!

There are a lot of upgrades in the game that you can buy and that make your shark faster and stronger, but one quite important upgrade is often overlooked. It is a map of sea where you swim. This map costs 500 coins, and it allows you to find a variety of bonuses, including the H U N G R Y letters. The initial map shows the location of the daily chests, but if you upgrade it for 100 diamonds, then you will have information about locations of the daily chests and the HUNGRY letters.

If you have found four or five letters from the H U N G R Y, then try to keep your shark alive and don't start the level from the beginning, because otherwise you will have to search these letters again.

How to earn coins in Hungry Shark World? One of the best ways to earn gold coins is to find daily chests and complete game quests. You can find and open five chests at a level per day, and each one will contain a few hundred gold coins. You can also complete three missions a day, and use earned gold to improve your shark.

You can eat sharks that have the same size as your shark or smaller. Do not try to attack those ones that are bigger than you. If you get close to the enemy that is bigger than your shark then the game will warn you about the danger.

How to unlock big sharks in Hungry Shark World? You need to fill upgrade bar to 100%, and to achieve this goal you need to eat the sea creatures, people and earn points. You can also spend diamonds to purchase sharks, but it's pretty expensive way.

You will see gold people, fish and birds while playing Hungry Shark World. After eating them you will get more gold than after eating ordinary people, fish and birds. If you have completely filled the Gold Rush bar then for some time all the fish in the game will be gold. Also your shark will be invulnerable, and therefore this time can be spent on destroying mines that float in the sea.

If you know that the Gold Rush is about to start but you are in an almost empty location, then try to swim to the densely populated area to earn as many coins as possible.

How to earn diamonds in Hungry Shark World? Visit the in-game store and select watching video ads. You can earn 2 diamonds or 100 coins for each ad depending on what you choose. Watch as many ads as you want.

If you'd like to continue playing after your shark dies, you can watch an ad video or pay diamonds if there are no ads. It is recommended to continue the game if you have not completed all the missions.


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