iSlash Heroes — Razor-sharp cheats, tips and tricks

iSlash Heroes

iSlash Heroes is an iOS and Android game, which will surely remind you popular Fruit Ninja slasher. In iSlash Heroes you need to cut the boards and watch out the shurikens. An important part of the gameplay is the precision, so you need to be not only fast, but also very attentive. And if you learn to play correctly, then you will easily do combo slices earning a lot of points with them! Read our cheats, tips and tricks for iSlash Heroes!

The more slices you make, the less points you earn (and vice versa). It's nice that in the game there is no time limit. So you can wait for the right moment when a shuriken will appear in the right place to cut the board.

Sometimes the golden Buddha statue appears during a slice. It's one of the game boosters, and the only free one. Grab it, and time slows down for ten seconds. Thus doing slices will be much easier.

You have five points of energy, and if you run out of energy, you have to wait half an hour for them to be recovered. And how to quickly restore energy in iSlash Heroes? Go to the settings of your gaming device (smartphone or tablet), set the time ahead, and then restart the game. You will find that your energy is fully restored!

Before you begin a level, you will be shown the board that you need to cut. Try to study it in order to plan the attack. Also pay attention to the edge of the board, because there may be a protective metal, which will complicate beating a level. The only bad thing is that you do not know where will shurikens appear unil the game starts.

In this game it is equally bad to wait for a long time for the right moment to strike and to slice a lot of small chunks. So try to find a balance and abide by it.


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