Kingdom Hearts Unchained X — Secret tips and tricks for advanced players

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is a game for smartphones and tablets from Square Enix. It is based on the browser game Kingdom Hearts χ (the last letter is pronounced as CHEE). You create your character and travel with him in fantasy worlds, fight and use magic to kill different enemies. Your final goal is Heartless. You can also team up with your friends, share and upgrade the medals and participate together in battles. Read our tips and tricks for the Kingdom Hearts Unchained X!

You can earn points for completing quests, so try to complete all quests (three of them) on each level. But even if you have completed all level quests, you can replay the level again and try to get all three Mickey Mouse, or to gather more items and medals.

Try to complete special quests, not just story ones. Because of this you will be able to obtain tons of useful items (jewels, Mithril, etc.). It's more difficult to play these additional quests, but the reward for them is higher. New special quests appear each day, so check the game daily to see what quests you can play.

The game has three elements, and the medals are grouped according to these elements. Use the "rock-scissors-paper" principle to determine what is stronger: Power (Red) is strong vs Speed, Speed (Green) is strong against Magic, Magic (Blue) is strong against Power.

You can upgrade medals by sacrificing other medals. And if they are the same type, you will get additional experience points.

It is recommended to create your own team or join someone ease’s while playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. These teams are equivalent to alliances in other multiplayer games. Because of this you will be able to help each other, attack the bosses, earn more medals.


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