Last Empire-War Z — Undead tips, tricks and strategy guide for your survival

Last Empire-War Z

Last Empire-War Z is a mix of massively multiplayer online role-playing strategy and base management simulator. You find yourself in a world filled with zombies, and your goal is to build a base, defend against enemies and reconquer the world. This mission will become more easy once you join an alliance with other players. But be careful because you'll be attacked not only by zombies, and the main danger will come from competing human alliances. Read our tips and tricks, as well as secrets for Last Empire: War Z!

Constant upgrades are one of the main gameplay features, and if you do not know what to do then start improving your base's objects. If you'd like to find out what kind of upgrades you need to complete then visit quests section. Or you can just tap your base, and then you will see information about what you need to upgrade first of all.

It is very important to join an alliance, but you will have problems if you choose an inactive or weak alliance. Therefore collect some information about the alliance beforehand and see how it's doing. Just be prepared for the fact that after joining an alliance you have to help other players and donate resources for overall growth. By the way, after you become a member of an alliance you'll get 200 diamonds as a reward.

If you do not know what to do, pay attention to the zombies loitering not far from your base. If you hit them, they explode in a bloody mess, but they will also drop some useful goodies. Let's start to destroy zombies!

Before attacking other players or zombies in Last Empire: War Z try to scout them and see how many troops and weapons you need. After understanding this take more troops and weapons :)

Once you reach level 4, you will be able to build the Institute. Here you can do researches for the improvement of your base. You can do only one study at a time, but you can also put one in queue. The effect of the researches has a huge impact on the efficiency of your base, so make sure that you constantly have some researches while playing Last Empire: War Z!

Other players can steal your resources during attacks, but the resources you have got for completing quests and still have not collected can not be stolen. Therefore, do not collect quests rewards as long as you do not need them. This way your resources will be stored like in a bank vault!

Right near the base walls there are huge speakers. Every few minutes you can turn these speakers on to attract zombies, and these zombies will be destroyed by walls defence. For killing zombies you will get a free item. So it's recommended to enjoy this useful feature!


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