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Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is a multiplayer online strategy game from IGG, the company you may know for such hits as Castle Clash and Clash of Lords 2. The main difference of the new game is that now you can capture new territories and run some constructions there. In addition you have to recruit heroes, train the army and fight against numerous enemies. How to beat them? Read our tips and tricks for Lords Mobile!

You need to constantly train new soldiers, and therefore it is necessary to increase the food production. You must produce more food than stone, wood, metal or gold because only with food you can create new units. When you begin to capture new territories immediately proceed to the creation of new farms there because this strategy is one of the keys to success in the game.

Before fighting with enemies you need to scout territories because only with scouting you can understand what kind of troops should be taken in a battle and and what kind of troops you should leave in the castle. But sometimes it can be better to take the whole army. At the same time remember that new soldiers must always be created as you have to constantly improve your strength.

How to get gems while playing Lords Mobile? There are few ways. You can get gems by joining a guild. Or they can be won during different game events. If you buy gems then very often the game will grant you a bonus. They can also be obtained if you connect the game with your Facebook account.

Try to complete the game quests as they will help you earn a lot of money and progress in the game. The main game quest you should complete at the current moment is located at the bottom of the screen. Do not forget about quests because thanks to them your empire will always be strong.

Why do one need to become VIP in the game? A VIP player can use a variety of useful perks, including speeding up of the construction, increase of the production and travel speed, automatic battle mode and a lot of other goodies. With these perks VIP gamers progress much faster and have advantage in battles.


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