Monster Super League — Useful tips, tricks and cheats

Monster Super League

Are you tired of pokemons and other digimons? Then let's meet with astronomers, ugh, astromoms, ugh, astromons, who are the heroes of Monster Super League! Genre of Monster Super League can be described as «collecting turn-based role-playing game». You have to to collect astromons, train them and of course participate in battles with opponents. Even if you have played similar games, we recommend you to read our advices, tips and tricks for Monster Super League.

Like in other monsters role-playing games one of the main gameplay parts is «rock-paper-scissors» system. In the game there are few elements, and each of them has strengths and weaknesses. How it works: Fire beats Wood, Wood beats Water, Water beats Fire. And take a note that very often your enemy will look for your weaknesses. It means that the enemy in a fight will put forward a fire astromon against your wooden astromon. Keep this in mind and watch out for the balance!

You will need gold if you want to get the best astromons. How to get gold in Monster Super League? You can obtain gold by completing quests and missions. Try to play the daily quests because for completing them you can get 30,000 gold. You can also sell astrogems and get gold. Every 5 levels (every 10 once you reach level 40) you can go to the Special Package section and get gifts (gold in most cases). In the beginning of the game it will be 50,000 gold, but as the game progresses the number will grow up to 400,000! Also, the gold can be obtained if you add friends.

Always check your ingame mailbox. Once you complete the quest, awards don't get into the inventory directly, but you can find them in the inbox. The bad thing is that they may disappear from there after sometime. You can also get awards for game login, for beginning of the game, for completing tutorial, etc.

How to get astrogems while playing Monster Super League? There are the following ways. For completing the fourth mission of the each chapter the game will reward with you astrogems. You can also get them for beating quests, daily quests and battles. Especially nice reward can be got for completing weekly quests. Do not forget to look into Astroguide each time after you capture new astromon. For each astromon you have not seen before you get additional astrogems.

If you have not done this already then be sure to find and start to level up a treating astromon (a medic, if I may say so). As you might guess, their main skill is the health restoration of your team members. During the battle an astromon with treatment capability can dramatically change the course of the battle and help in practically hopeless situations!



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