Mount & Blade: Warband - How to recruit lords?

Question: So I've become a king. A friend of mine told me that's easy to recruit vassals but I can't hire any. Please explain me how can I do it?

Answer from kirik: Visit the tavern and recruit for example Nizar. Then talk to him and choose "I'd like to ask something" and there will be "Give land plot". Grant him town or village and that's all - he is your vassal!

Answer from sus: If you're fighting with Northern Kingdom and you have good relationship with some vassals of this faction you can entice a vassal into your side. To do it you need to tell him 'I'd like to talk to you in private'.

Answer from TO: If your persuasion skill is 10 points you can talk to another vassal privately and he'll become your vassal.

Answer from Kordan007: I don't agree. Even if you have 10 points of persuasion skill and good relationship you can't still entice him.

Answer from Cent: For successful recruitment there must be disagreement between vassal and his current suzerain. So if they are in good relations you can't do anything. Usually you can recruit landless vassals and affiliated vassals of other factions. Also one of the most important factors is right phrase during persuasion.

Answer from Zakha: Occupy enemy state except one castle and start waiting. And they'll run to your main city like rats leaving a sinking ship. It works if you let beaten lord go. I have about 40 lords (not counting those ones from the tavern).



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