My Talking Hank — Tips and tricks for your puppies!

My Talking Hank

My Talking Hank is the next title in a games series about talking pets (My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela) from Outfit7. This time we deal with a cute puppy Hank, which you need to take care of and which you need to raise. Although most of the time a player will be messing around with a puppy, sometimes you will have to attract unusual guests. You love Hank and would like to learn more about the game? Then read our tips and tricks for My Talking Hank!

How to care of Hank? Watch for the needs meters that are located at the bottom of the screen. They will tell you about puppy's needs. If he needs to eat then tap the corresponding icon, and Hank will sit down at the table to eat. You can buy different types of food for him. The more you spend, the longer he will be full. Although you can spend a lot of coins on food, it is better to save them for other purchases.

Need a wash? Send Hank into the bathroom and do nothing, he will wash himself. When it comes to sleep, Hank needs your help. Place him in the hammock, and then tap on the Sun to turn it into the Moon. When you return to the game, the puppy will be rested.

Are there other advices and secrets for My Talking Hank? Yes! It is quite a fascinating process to attract animals to your island. Select the food and toys that you want. They can be cheap at first, and you start taking photos of those who arrive. Further, when you accumulate some money, spend them on expensive toys. Because of this you will attract rare animals. In addition, the gameplay is exciting! For example, you can take a photo of a hippo balancing on a trampoline!

If you tap the hanger icon, you can change the clothes of Hank. It is not necessarily, but it is very fun to dress the puppy in the new outfits!
How to earn coins while playing My Talking Hank? Tap on the bowl filled with coins at the bottom of the screen. Watch ads and you will get a few free coins. Yes, it's boring, but useful!

Thanks to the animals you earn something like “experience” in the game, so try to lure them out. Luring the first animal will take seconds, but you will have to wait for others much longer. Be patient and try to get all things done before you exit the game. So it will be easier to progress in My Talking Hank.

Different animals like different things. For example, zebras and white tigers like synths. You can use gems to buy hints explaining animals preferences. But it's pretty expensive. Just experiment and see what happens. How to earn more coins while playing "My Talking Hank"? If you make photos of an animal with 20 different toys, you will get a bunch of coins and huge rewards! Don't forget about it, because completing this “achievement” will take a lot of time.

Every time Hank level up, you get new costumes and items. You must attract animals to increase Hank's level.


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