My Talking Tom — How to get lots of coins?

My talking Tom

Question: Is it possible to get lots of money in "My Talking Tom," but without playing the mini-games? I'd like to make more money fast! Do you know some ways? If yes please share!

Answer from Dash: I'll explain my way of earning money. There is a circle with two cats below your level circle. One black cat and one green, click on it - there will be two tabs ('Connect' and 'Visit random players'). Click on 'Visit random players' (I say at once, one visit costs 5 coins, but you can get from 5 to 5000 coins). There will a room of some Tom (for example, kitchen), and you'll see a chest. Click on it and the game will show what you've found. I had 200 coins, and now I have 6,542 coins.

Answer from Matwe: You can watch ad videos, but it takes a lot of time.

Answer from Mackha: I earn coins by visiting other cats. But there is another way - just play with Tom, then change the date in the settings to one day ahead and play again. Then set date back :)

Answer from LLo: I get money by changing date forward to the next day.


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