Narcos: Cartel Wars — Tips, tricks and cheats for drug lord wannabes

Narcos: Cartel Wars

Narcos: Cartel Wars is a game based on the Narcos TV-series, which tells the life story of the famous Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. And now you can also try to become the leader of a drug cartel, and it is completely safe! The game is a massively multiplayer online strategy, and if you have already played similar games you probably can easily get into the gameplay. Nevertheless we advise you to read our tips and tricks for Narcos: Cartel Wars.

When attacking enemies try to choose the least protected path. If you have to fight then first of all try to destroy the defensive towers. If you entrust the management of your troops to AI, it can send your troops to innocuous buildings while the towers will be shooting the troops. Make sure your team is close enough to the tower because manual management lasts only few seconds.

When you start to play you get two days protection shield that saves you from other players' attacks. Use this time to setup and improve your base. Once you reach level 4 you can attack other players, but your shield will disappear. So try to deal these two days only with development, and your base will get basic level defence.

Why do one need Reputation while playing Narcos: Cartel Wars? Reputation is required to buy sicarios (a Spanish word for killers) and weapons on the black market. There are two kinds of reputation points: Loyalty points and Power Points. How to increase the Reputation? Loyalty Points are earned for the successful attacks of enemy bases, Power points you can get for successful attacks of other players. Both of them are earned for completing missions.

Combat units in the game are sicarios. Why do you need sicarios in the game? You need them to attack enemy bases, protect your base and protect mines. Some of the sicarios are better in defence than in attack and vice versa. For example, Juan Pablo increases attack of a nearest defensive towers for 5%. Tap on him to see radius of his protection. On the screen you will see a glowing aura that either captures or does not capture the nearest tower.

Gold is the premium currency in the game, and it is pretty hard to get it. How to earn gold while playing Narcos: Cartel Wars? It can be purchased in the in-game store. But this is for real money and is not interesting. There are free ways, among them are: completing game missions and earning achievements, completing daily missions, winning tournaments. You also get gold by connecting the game with your Facebook account.

And how can one spend gold? For example, you can speed up construction of buildings, stone and wood production. But the best way to spend gold is to purchase gold chests and additional builders. Each gold chest cost 600 gold, and after opening a chest you can get sicarios with rank from 1 to 4. Additional builders are very useful because they help you to significantly speed up construction of new buildings.


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