Need for Speed: Most Wanted — How to enter cheats?

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Question: How do I enter cheats in Need for Speed: Most Wanted? And where should I do it? I have been thinking for two weeks and still can't understand. Please explain me how to activate these cheats! I'll be very grateful!

Answer from Ryan Cooper: Codes should be entered right after your started the game, ie when 'Press Enter' appears on the screen. Then press shift + alt and type the cheats. There won't be any confirmation messages. Then play the game with activated cheats, I do not mind! :)

Answer from CheatR: Take a note! You can use cheat codes for Need for Speed: Most Wanted that was published in 2005. For the game with the same name published in 2012 there are no codes, but you can use trainers.

Answer from Vla: You have been already told that there is no confirmation message! Just enter Shift+Alt and type the codes. It works for me! And I advise you to play the original version!


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