Need for Speed: Rivals — Pause

Need for Speed: Rivals

Question: Could you please tell me how to pause game while playing NFS Rivals? I tried to press the space bar and the Esc, but the race doesn't stop. I lost a game (being arrested by the police) because it was necessary to answer a call. Should I search for the pause key in the game settings? But I can't find it there!

Answer from Zadam: There is no pause in the game. I was looking for the button but without success. I found that NfS: Rivals has no pause, you must be always on the alert.



Because of no pause in the game I got a downloaded copy. Not going to pay for such nonsense. Real life happens and I lose my progress when I HAVE to do SOMETHING more important. So now it is also not important to buy it. Rather got a cracked copy and play...

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