Pixel Gun 3D — Cheats, tips and tricks that will make you a winner

Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D is not a new game, but it's still very popular. You can start single player campaign and then jump into a multiplayer battle with your friends (up to 7 gamers). Moreover you can create your own pixelated character and show him to the world. Read our tips and tricks for Pixel Gun 3D!

One of the tactics you can use is 'hide & shoot' - the name speaks for itself. This tactics is quite effective and you can achieve high levels using it.

Try to climb onto or jump down to the roof of a house or a bus. Why? You'll become hard to kill on difficult missions. It works, but don't do it if you have a small cartridge clip.

There is a cheating but sad trick. You can create a new world in co-op play mode and let no one in this world by setting a password in settings, and there you'll able to earn.

If you'd like to have another color of your nick in chat then type [colorcode]Nick. For example, blue color - [42befe]MrMagicSoul. The color code can be found in the graphic editor - for example, in Photoshop.

In Survival mode create a world for two players ("Utopia" map), climb on the roof of the house (the most recent one) and wait. When there will be one minute - peel and kill monsters, and you'll be given 20 points of experience and 3 coins.

Another trick to earn a lot of money in Pixel Gun 3D. Start the game, go to the Arena. Take the Premium explosive weapon. Start to run in circles, waiting for as many zombies (monsters) as possible. Then drove them in a heap. Shoot! TAKE MONEY

By the way, you can get free coins if you share your results in Facebook of Twitter.


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