Pixel Gun 3D — How to get diamonds?

Pixel Gun 3D

Question: Hi! Please explain me how to get the diamonds (or crystals) for free? Are there any ways? If yes please let me know! Thanks a lot for sharing your secrets!

Answer from Rosti: Yes, you can get them, I know that there are four ways, but they can hardly be called "for free":

1. There are secrets in the campaign mode - a hidden coin and a diamond on each map.

2. For a level up you're given a certain number of diamonds and coins.

3. This method is unlikely related to the crystals getting, but I think it would be useful - just take a bazooka, go to the Arena mode and I suppose it's clear what you have to do ;)

4. In the game there are quests and for completing them you'll get rewards. And don't ever use cheats, because hackers can get into your device and break it. Have a good game!


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