Plants vs Zombies Heroes — Deck guide, cards secrets, tips and tricks about how to win

Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Plants vs Zombies is a well-known tower defence game that is beloved by a lot of players. In the game with the help of plants you need to protect a garden house from the invasion of zombies. Now PvZ developers decided to experiment with Card Collecting Game genre, and presents Plants vs Zombies Heroes. We believe that new game will have the same success as the predecessor. How to play Plants vs Zombies Heroes? How to build a good and strong deck? Got stuck? Then read our tips, tricks and secrets for Plants vs Zombies Heroes!

How to start playing Plants vs Zombies Heroes? Start completing the quests. The game has two types of quests (general and Hero Quests). Both are important, but the Hero quests are very easy to complete after you unlock new heroes. Study quest requirements, choose a hero, play a quest and collect rewards. Completing Hero Quests is a very easy way to earn diamonds as these quests are very simple.

Also try to complete generals quests as you can get an even better rewards for them. In addition, they will help you to progress in Plants vs Zombies Heroes. You can manually update the list of quests, but it is not recommended to do, as very often a new quest may be more difficult.

At the beginning of the game you play for the plants, but after a while you can unlock the zombies campaign and play for them. Try to play the storyline missions because they not only help you to understand how do cards work, but also help to save resources for purchases of card packs and build a strong deck. And only after that you can start playing multiplayer battles. After some time you will encounter a situation that you need to either use a stronger deck or play for another faction. In any case, do not rush to start battles with other players.

Who is better - plants or zombies? Which side to choose? Although the developers tried to balance both factions, zombies have one small advantage. They can perform tricks even after the enemy has made the turn. For this reason, they can completely change the course of a round. So if you are thinking about which side to play, we recommend to choose zombies.

How to build a strong deck in Plants vs Zombies Heroes? Try to unlock as many cards as possible, and that is why you need to play as much as possible and win as often as possible in order to unlock new card packs. With those decks that you are given at the beginning of the game you will not get far, and so you have to start building your deck. You have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each card, but this can come through trial and error. The easiest way to make a good deck is to play only one faction, so it is better to decide for you whose side (plants or zombies) you play from the beginning of the game. We also recommend to play sometimes against human opponents because you can see their cards and try to understand on what basis they were selected.

Replay missions! Since the game depends on luck, try to replay missions over and over again. Even if a mission seems to be very difficult and almost impassable, it may well be that the next time everything goes well, and you will beat the mission quite easy!


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