Pokémon Duel — Battle tips, tricks and poke-secrets

Pokemon Duel

Pokemon Duel is a new game about Pokemons from a company called... ugh... The Pokemon Company. Duel is a mixture of tabletop and card collecting games, and therefore you may find it difficult to play. But these little creatures in the game are so funny and cute, and you can send them to battle with each other! For those ones who think that the gameplay is a little bit complicated, we have prepared a guide to Pokemon Duel with tips and tricks.

The first and main advice is that you should try to complete daily missions. Every day you get three daily missions, and the first thing you have to do is to complete them. For doing that you get excellent rewards, and your character will progress faster. Moreover, if you complete 10 daily missions, you will unlock a set of Special missions that will be available 24 hours and for beating them you get even more spectacular award.

Try to surround enemy pokemons because it's an easier way to defeat them than to fight them. If you surround an enemy pokemon from two sides then this pokemon will be removed from the board. You in turn should avoid your pokemon to get surrounded. Therefore like in chess try to think about your moves in advance.

What kinds of attacks are there in the game and which ones are the strongest? Attack of the lower level is white. This is the standard attack and when both players get white attack, the winner is the one who scored the most points. The next attack is purple. It will allow, for example, to lull an enemy Pokemon, or poison him. If you and your opponent both use purple attack, the winner is the one with the purple attack with the highest number of stars. Next is the gold attack, which is similar to white, but it is stronger than purple. But the strongest attack is blue, which has protective movements.

How to get diamonds while playing Pokemon Duel? There are a lot of ways. Try to play the game every day, and you will get a reward (and diamonds!). Complete daily missions. Complete tutorial (although you may want to start the game as soon as possible, take your time and get training because it will bring you a few diamonds). Play quests, or to be precise, you need to fulfill the quests requirements (although the reward at the end you will get in any case). Participate in special events run by the game developers. You can find out about these events in the Pokemon Duel news.

If you get the rainbow coloured treasure chest (which opens in 24 hours), open it as quickly as possible, even if you have other chests! In the chest you will find rare, epic and legendary pokemons, which would significantly improve your deck! Also you will get high level items, and these items will help you to level up your pokemons pretty quickly!

When you level up a Pokemon, you will be able to increase the size of his attacks. So always try to reinforce the most powerful attack. It makes no sense to strengthen weak attacks, as they will be beaten by your opponents.


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