Prototype 2 — How to beat Mercer?

Prototype 2

Question: Finally I got to the most interesting part of the game and I fight with Alex on the roof. I constantly move and do a lot of jumps using a whip, I also try to attack from the air. At the beginning everything seems to be ok, but Alex gets very aggressive when his health becomes low. What mutations are most effective at the end of the fight?

Answer from guest: Blade, hammerfist, whipfist - your selection is correct. And I think it would be enough.

Answer from Heller: Hammerfist is the most effective! Fight nonstop, upgrade the hammer and everything will be ok!

Answer from Mercer: I beaten Alex on the highest difficulty, and that's my recipe for success: never use the same weapon that is used by Alex! Otherwise, it will repel all your attacks! At Round 1 Alex uses a blade, so it is preferable to take the claws and the whip. Jump constantly, and use a shield when you finish a jump. Round 2: Alex uses his whip, use the blade and the hammer. Do not attack at all, stand on the block with a shield! When he strikes a series of blows, and will be near you, cut him with your blade. If he will spawn the spikes, jump on him and hit him with the hammer. Round 3: Alex uses hammers, so the blade and tentacles is the best option in Round 3. Forget about the shield, because hammer will punch through it. Always dodge, jump and attack with tentacles! Only tentacles! If he start to spawn the spikes, jump and beat him with the air blade attack! Do not use it in other cases! That's all! The main thing - don't blunt and react quickly!


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