Shadow Fight 2 - Tips, tricks and strategy guide for victory

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is an extremely popular fighting (ugh!) game from Nekki. You play as Shadow and fight various bosses and their bodyguards. The main advantages of this game are nice graphics, realistic fights physics and exciting gameplay. It's not so easy to beat such bosses as Lynx, Titan, Hermit, Wasp and so on and that's why you should read our tips and tricks for Shadow Fight 2!

How to save up money and upgrade weapons, helmet, armor and magic for free? When you're about to get next level spend your money to improve an item and don't wait for it to be upgraded. Go to a fight and when you'll get new level the upgrading item will be instantly upgraded to the level you've got.

If you have ranged weapons and magic there is some tactics for you:
1) Knock your enemy off his feet;
2) Wait until the opponent will get up by half;
3) Throw ranged weapon or use magic
4) After the enemy will be hit get ready that he'll throw his ranged weapon. Then you should fight the way you like but try to kick enemy's head.

The main thing in Shadow Fight 2 is desire to win. You've got to feel your hero like yourself and control him deliberately. He has to fight like you'd fight in real combat. In no circumstances don't let your enemy to get up and come to his senses. Don't play pressing buttons randomly. You must take aim where and how to hit and then the game will become simple and interesting!

In Shadow Fight 2 you have to wait some time to buy custom-built weapons. If you don't want to wait then before making an order exit the game, go to the time/date settings of your game device and set time back. Start the game again and make the order. Then return to the settings and set correct time. You'll see in the game that your weapon is ready!

You can earn one gem or 1% of energy if you'll watch an ad video.

You can use this time lapse trick to watch videos without limits. After watching a video go to the settings and change the date to one day forward. Then you can watch a video again!

To be more strong than your enemy you need to enchant items and weapons.

After you've killed a demon you must defeat his bodyguards in Eclipse mode (only bodyguards!).

To be more strong than a demon before fighting him you should kill previous demon and take his weapon.

Improvise! Don't prepare any strategies and tactics for defeating enemies. It's unknown how the enemy will behave against your tactics or strategy.



Plzz man plzz! This guy is killing me... Please tell me which armour, ranged weapon, helmet and weapons should I use?

In Challenge 21 Act 5 the whole point is to shock your enemy two times but I don't know how to shock an enemy! Please help me!

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