Shadow Fight 2 - How to defeat Lynx?


Question: Hello! I can't beat Lynx! As for me it seems almost impossible! With all my attacks I can't do some damage to him! Please help me and explain how to fight against this boss?

Answer from eos: When playing Shadow Fight 2 you should always remember that all bosses have unique magic and Lynx is not exception. His main fighting features are disappearance and penetrating claws strike that causes burst taking away some health. So when trying to beat up Lynx you shouldn't rely on ranged combat. You can defeat Lynx only in close combat. Keep your eyes open and don't let him do critical strikes. As soon as you move away from Lynx within screen distance you can say goodbye to your health because he'll either bombard you with surikens or disappear and then do invisible critical strikes. So in the very beginning of the fight it's desirable to deliver this boss as much leg kicks as possible. Try to lay him on the ground and keep on beating him with swords not letting him to get up. If a series of strikes in close combat is not successful and the boss jumped from a wall then try to hit him in the moment of his touch-down when he isn't able to stop it with block. And of course before the fight you must be well armed because your strikes will be critical and effective. With weak armor and low level weapons you won't be able to win.

Answer from Mobi: Buy Daggers and then do hurricane of strikes. The main thing is not to give him time to recover.



You need to upgrade your gear

I do that but the tournament is insane and impossible!

You can also upgrade your armor and weapons like sai or knuckles.

I tried to defend from Lynx' attacks but I couldn't! I have also upgraded daggers, helm, leather jacket... Please tell me how to beat him!

He's so hard, I've got level 6 daggers, red doublet, close helm and it's impossible for me and I'm on level 6!

Can I defeat Lynx with gear level 4?

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